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Chinese - Mandarin Audio Request

28 Characters / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please read on two times very slow pronouncing the tones very clearly. Then read two times at natural speed.

我 是 美国 人.
我 是 美国 人.

我 是 美国 人.
我 是 美国 人.


  • Chinese Sentence - I am American ( recorded by jasonkang ), unspecified accent

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  • Chinese Sentence - I am American ( recorded by Hanoch ), Mandarin, Guiyang accent

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    Corrected Text

    Hi, mattbowlby. I'm Hanoch, a chinese who is learning english. I've recorded the audio of your text according to your requests. I wish we can help each other learn our target languages. I will try my best to help you when you need a recording in which texts in chinese are read by a native speaker, and I wish you may help me with this accordingly. Good luck!

    You need to remember that the full stop in chinese is "。" instead of ".".



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