About RhinoSpike

RhinoSpike is an online tool that enables language learners around the globe to exchange language audio files.

We believe that listening is the most important skill to develop when learning a language. Understanding comes from listening. You must develop your ears before you can understand what is said to you. You may know how to ask for directions in your target language, but if you can't understand what a native speaker says back to you, you are still lost! You acquire language through input, through your ears and your eyes. We're here to help you with the ears part.

Foreign Language Audio On Demand

Some foreign language textbooks come with an audio cd. That's great, but it's not enough. There is a treasure trove of foreign language videos and music available on the internet. That's great too, but you have to search through it all and what you find might not match your level, your interests or what you are studying. With RhinoSpike you can get audio for anything in the world, on demand, recorded for you by native speakers, for free!

How It Works

Our system is simple. You submit some text that you want read aloud by a native speaker. A native speaker records it for you and sends you the audio file. You use that audio file to help yourself learn your target language. Embed it into your flashcards in your favorite Spaced Repetition System (SRS) program, download it to your mp3 player, or listen on your computer.

To encourage users to help each other out, we have a queue system in place. When you submit an Audio Request, it is inserted into the queue for that language. Native speakers of your target language can then find your Audio Request and make a recording for it. To get faster results you can record your voice for users learning your language. Doing so will move your Audio Requests forward in the queue. Give and you shall receive!

Get Started

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