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Chinese - Mandarin Audio Request

515 Characters / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

If you could also write the Chinese characters for the words I would be most grateful.

In case it is of interest, I have chosen these words because I would like to use the Total Physical Response method for learning some Chinese vocabulary. Details of this are at:

1. stand up!

2. sit down!

3. walk!

4. stop!

5. turn left!

6. turn right!

7. turn around!

8. walk backwards!

9. jump!

10. hop!

11. bend over!

12. squat!

13. walk 3 steps. walk 5 steps. walk 11 steps.

14. face me; face the wall; face the door; face the window; face the table; face the kitchen.

15. lift up your right leg. lift up your left leg. lift up your right arm. lift up your left arm.

16. lower your right leg. lower your left leg. lower your right arm. lower your left arm.

17. shake my hand

18. kiss me (on the cheek!)

19. make a fist

20. clap your hands

21. snap your fingers

22. wave


  • TPR - General Body Movements ( recorded by imlightwind ), Mandarin

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    Corrected Text

    1. 起立!

    2. 坐下!

    3. !

    4. !

    5. 向左转!

    6. 向右转!

    7. 向后转!

    8. 后退!

    9. !

    10. 跳跃!

    11. 俯身!

    12. 蹲伏!

    13. 3步.走5步.走11步.

    14. 面向我;面向墙;面向门,面向窗户;面向桌子;面向厨房

    15. 抬起你的右腿;抬起你的左腿;抬起你的右手臂;抬起你的左手臂.

    16. 降低你的右腿;降低你的你的左腿;降低你的右手臂;降低你的左手臂.

    17. 握我的手

    18. 吻我的脸颊

    19. 握拳

    20. 鼓掌

    21. snap your fingers

    22. 挥舞



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