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English Script Request

Complete / 165 Words
by hannah137 0:00 - 1:11

Hi, nice to meet you.
I introduce myself.
I'm fine, the weather is sunny.
And you, how old are you?
My name is Jerome and I am forty-one years old, I come from France and I live in a little town called --- it is near Lyonne in the East of France. I have been learning English for three months to improve my vocabulary and conversations for my job.
And I would also like to improve my listening skills, so I can watch series and films in English-their original version. And so I am the --- I have two daughters Lucille (11) and Leoni (9). And what about you? About my job-I am the general manager of a company called Vivlio; we developed ebook readers like amazon and kindle. And you what do you do for a living? To finish, In my spare time I learn English, and I like to drive around in my car, go to the cinema, and restaurants. So, that's all.


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