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English Script Request

Complete / 843 Words
by iyavor -

OK everybody welcome to Budapest... fancy hotel... and today I wanna show you...the magic of my Google-powered phone, this has the Android operating system on it... OK, one of the coolest things you will see em... that Google has made is Google goggles. So this is not available on's only on Android phones, and this is really cool... so one of the things you can do with that is take pictures of things and Google will search for it on Google images or it can actually translate it if it's text. So, what I'm going to do, come in here, um... I'm selecting this text here... and, taking the picture.. OK, so, should just see it said that.. it's got the text up and it says "do you want to translate?" so I click "translate" and it says "Artichoke heart", "mushrooms", barbecued vegetables, couscous... So it's, obviously, it's Google translate so it's not perfect, there's mistakes, but it's great, and it works, actually, for languages, you just point it somewhere, and you see what it says, so I've used it a lot in the last few weeks...

by Thomas -

Ok, I've just seen the postcards here are 200 forents so I don't know if that's expensive or not, so I'm actually going to check the price but instead of searching for it with my fingers I'm going to just speak it to the phone. So check this out. 200 Hungarian forents in dollars. Now, it's got voice recognition and you can see it's searching for that in Google and it said that's.. that's point 88, that's 88 cents. So I know that's very expensive for a postcard so I wouldn't get that here, so it's great that you can use the voice recognition for that.

Ok guys. I'm in Berlin. Google translate .. translate for you based on what you speak and then it will actually speak the result to you. So let's say I wanted to know what .. in English to German, if I want to know for example what is the nearest bank? Ok? So, I'll say that: Where is the nearest bank? So, once again it's trying to see if it can figure out what I said. It does this for a few languages. Where is the nearest bank, translating: Wo ist die nachste Bank. But even better is:

[phone]"Wo is die nachste Bank?"

So it actually speaks it to the person as well, which is really cool and it does that for a few different languages. So, uh

Google Goggles is fantastic. You take a picture of anything, it will scan it and see if it's on Google Images. So, I'm at a shop here. I don't really know what that flag there is, so I've got Google Goggles taking a picture. I'll select the right flag. Ok. So it's got the picture of the flag. It's scanning it. Republic of Angola. So, that was really quick. I didn't have to type anything in. And you can do that with logos. I've seen it for logos. I don't know for.. flag like this. Anything with colors. It worked with the Brandenburger Tor. I just took a picture of the Tor and it worked for that. It doesn't work for people. It doesn't do facial recognition. Any image you can imagine that is repeated many times similarly, you're going to find that in Google Images.

Ok, the last thing I wanted to show you on the Android that I really like is Augmented Reality. So for example I've got a great program here that basically.. Android, uhm I'm sorry, Augmented Reality is where you're looking at an image and it puts extra information on top of that. So for example, it's a little scary but still kind of cool. When you write on Twitter, sometimes your tweets are GeoLocated. And what I can actually do is, I can see all the tweeps that are pretty close by. Uhm and that's gonna do the same thing. Takes a second to load. This works really well for nighttime. You can actually hold it up and use Google Sky to see the stars in the right position as you look at them. So you can say "Oh, that's .." whatever star it is. This is the Twitter app. So this guy here in the distance just wrote, just written "This is how I always pictured a startup would feel like." And you've got their pictures as well. He said something else. So it shows you like the number of meters away they are so theoretically you can actually walk up to somebody who has just tweeted and say "Hey, I just heard that you said this." It's really weird but the potential is just great there. So all of these things are excellent if you're traveling. They give you more potential to meet people and to discover things about where you are and I really like that. So I hope you enjoyed my little introduction to Android and thanks a lot for watching.


May 17, 2011

Transcribed until the "group" scene...hope it helps...

May 20, 2011

Great transcription!!
Of course it's hard to know what I said at the start since it wasn't in English, but instead of "fancy hotel" I said "I'm on Váci utca" ;) [Major street in Budapest]

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