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English Script Request

Complete / 187 Words
by RobertReeves -

We've all had that moment - you want to punch some jerk right in the face. So what stops us? Well, simply put: self-control. Past studies have shown, for example, that stopping yourself from taking a cookie for about an hour is likely to increase your aggression later that day. But there are tricks to increase our stash of control. A new study shows you can practice it, as one would practice any new skill. For two weeks researchers had subjects use their non-dominant hand for daily tasks, like navigating a computer mouse, drinking coffee, etc. The tasks require constant self-control because they were restraining their natural inclinations. And the scientists found that for those who practiced their self-control skills also controlled their aggression better than others who had not participated in the exercise. The study is in the journal "Current Directions in Psychological Science." So we can increase our capacity for self-control, and the way we do that doesn't have to be as drastic as using your non-dominant hand. The researchers say even keeping your posture straight can also keep you from punching out that jerk.


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