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English Script Request

Complete / 187 Words
by anroo -

American's produce thirty two billion gallons of sewage every day. We need to start drinking it - after treating it of course, so argues a Report from the US national research council.

Why drink reprocessed pee? Because fresh water supplies are getting squeezed. The Report's scientists, utility officials and engineers note that new technologies are making it affordable to clean up and reclaim such water - and it's not just for drinking. Reclaimed water can also be used for irrigation or industry.

The best news? The possible health risks quote, 'Do not exceed and in some cases may be significantly lower than existing supplies'. End quote.

Many of us are already drinking such recycled water. After all, if you're downhill from another municipality, odds are your drinking water has already been through their treatment plants. And cities upriver from you.

Of course there are other things we should be recovering from our waste water, such as the vital nutrient phosphorus, that may soon become scarce.

But in a world that's having trouble providing water for everybody, recycling makes sense. If we can just overcome that 'bleurgh' factor.


April 2, 2012

thank you!. I have looked forward to 'transcription' all day.

your help is very useful for me :)

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