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English Script Request

Complete / 241 Words
by jacherna 0:00 - 2:10

Of all the bands to emerge from glam rock, none perhaps would reach the dizzying heights of Queen.

Mick Rock: I think it was pretty evident from the get-go that Queen was something special musically so on the first listening, I think my first impression was the obvious impression. It was a bit like Ziggy Stardust meets Led Zeppelin.

Rick Wakeman: Queen were brilliant. Absolutely no other word for it. Freddie was the epitome of of uh of the glam rock lead vocals and how the- how the whole thing was presented.

In November '74, Killer Queen climbed to number 2 and flaunted a sophistication not seen since glam began. Nobody, though, could've predicted what was to come.

Rick Wakeman: They wanted the track as a single- always wanted the track as a single. The record guy said, "no, no you can't have a six minute single. Nobody will play a six minute single." So am I working for disaster because, well the rules say no radio will play it, and they did play it.

Released in December 1975, Bohemian Rhapsody was the ultimate in over-the-top glam. Its nine weeks at number one made chart history.

Mick Rock: His baroque, meandering creature that is totally sensational, and broke all the rules of uh of radio.
And it's totally glamorous and camp and wild and uh fabulous. But that's glam. I mean Bohemian Rhapsody's as glam as anything ever was I think.


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