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English Script Request

Complete / 581 Words
by Antoinette_ -

DANIEL: You''re sorry. Man! What a relief! That makes everything okay!
BIG SHOW: Daniel, listen. I know..
DANIEL: No! You listen. You put a 95 pound woman in the hospital.
LADY IN CROWD: It was an accident!
BIG SHOW: Yeah, it was an accident, Daniel. I didn't do it on purpose.
DANIEL: I heard..I heard you went and apologized and A.J. accepted.
DANIEL: But newsflash, genius. A.J. was heavily medicated at the time. She doesn't even remember you visiting ... but guess what..I remember..I remember everything. And I remember as a kid watching the WWE, thinking it was a place for athletes, not genetic freaks!
CROWD:[Booing Daniel]
DANIEL: And before you even mention André the Giant, Don't you dare! Don't You Even dare because you are no André The Giant!!
CROWD: Big Show..Big Show..Big Show..Big Show.. Big Show..Big Show..Big Show..Big Show....[chanting]
DANIEL: He's got you all fooled. [addressed to the crowd] You're full of it. [addressed to Big Show] You have no plans on reassessing your career. That's just empty talk, like all those apologies. If you were truly serious. If you were really repentant about your sorry excuse for a life, you wouldn't be out here apologizing to A.J.
LADY IN CROWD: It was an accident!
DANIEL: You wouldn't be out here apologizing to me. You certainly wouldn't be out here apologizing to all these people ... You would do the honorable thing and just retire, right now! ... That's right. Do the honorable thing for once in your life and leave!! Go climb back up whatever beanstalk you came from and stay there!! You claim you can't help being the way you are, and you can't do anything about it. Well, guess what! I can. [Daniel slaps Big Show across the face -- SMACK!]
CROWD: [going wild]
DANIEL: You're not a man. You're a monster! [Daniel slaps Big Show across the face and Big Show takes on Daniel.]
DANIEL: Heh, Big Show, turn it off!
BIG SHOW: Who do you think you are? HUH? What happened to A.J. was an accident, you arrogant little ass! What happens to you this Sunday, won't be! [Big Show then throws Daniel flying across the mat.]
CROWD: [Screaming their approval.]
MARK: You know what I'm capable of. I ain't gotta sweet talk ya. [addressed to Big Show] And you! [addressed to Daniel] Get over here and stand in my face and talk to me! Get over here!! After weaseling your way outta my heavyweight championship last week, I'm a tear your skin off on general principle.
DANIEL: Listen, listen, listen, Mark..Mark, that was not my fault. Those lumberjacks, they piled and they ruined our match. I was every bit as disappointed as you were.
EVENT ANNOUNCER: Just a minute! Just a minute, class! Now, we're just days away from the royal rumble pay-for-view. So the question is: will SMACKDOWN go into it with a whimper or a bang? Now, tonight, there's already one main event: Wade Barrett will face Randy Orden. So, the way I see it.. Now just two weeks ago, Daniel Bryan faced the Big Show. Last week, Daniel Bryan faced Mark Henry. So, tonight I think it's only fair that Mark Henry goes one-on-one with the Big Show!
CROWD: (screaming their approval)
RINGSIDE ANNOUNCER: So on tonight where two epic rivalries are renewed on Friday night SMACKDOWN, Daniel Bryan gets to sit back and watch! Yeah, Daniel Bryan, he weasels out of it again!


Feb. 13, 2012

My mistakes:
At first, I put the yelling in full caps. Later, I changed my mind, but didn't remove them all.

"And before you even mention André the Giant, Don't you dare! Don't You Even dare because you are no André The Giant!!" should be,

"...Don't you even dare, because you are no André the Giant!!"
My Explanations: I wrote out MARK'S dialogue exactly as I heard him speak it.

1) In "I ain't gotta sweet talk ya." 'gotta' = 'got to' and 'ya' = 'you.'

2) 'outta' = 'out of' and 'I'm a' means 'I'm going to.'

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