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English Script Request

Complete / 273 Words
by erik -

All right.
Hey guys, this is uh Ashley. Yes, my name's Ashley, but I'm proud of it, so ok, and um I was asked to do another american accent video, cause I've been practicing a lot lately. And um, I think it's getting pretty good. But uh, yeah so, ok so I'm gonna give you a few tips on the american accent, and how to maintain uh your character, um or, your, your soul, while doing the american accent. So first off, I'm just going to give you a little example,

(with American accent)
"Hello, my name is [mm, what's an american name, uh] .. my name is John, my name is John ... John Stamos, my name is John Stamos and uh I'm gonna read this book to you right now. Um, oh look it's a uh, a sports magazine. Uh, get it, get it, show it, do it, it's almost quaint that sentences still have spaces between the words, seeing as how the world (british accent)operates at this speed now."

Yeah so um, so you can just read whatever you want, just practice, listen to american people, um, really find what makes them you know, the tick, the sounds, their voices, what their voice sounds like, and like, they uh um, the movement of their lips. So and you can switch between accents if you'd like, um when you get good at it, at least. So, I could, I could pass as an american, right? right? So, um, tell me what you think of my american accent in the comments below. Please, I would love to hear from you, thanks guys.



Jan. 1, 2012

Well, I'm from America (west coast) and that was bloody excellent! Maybe dramatize it a little less. It looks kinda awkward. Other than that, excellent job m8!

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