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English Script Request

Complete / 626 Words
by lukeylukey10 -

Peppa: I'm Peppa Pig. This is my little brother George. This is mummy pig. And this is daddy pig.
*Hahaha Peppa Pig*
*Baby Alexander*
Peppa and George's cousins are coming to visit today.
Peppa: "Mummy, how long before cousin Claudia is here?"
Mummy: "Not long now Peppa, baby Alexander is coming too remember"
Peppa: "Oh, babies cry all the time, they're so noisy."
Daddy: "I'm sure baby Alexander won't be that noisy."
Mummy: "What's that sound?"
Daddy: "Is it a car alarm?"
Peppa: "Is it a fire engine?"

by Tereza -

Mummy: No, it's baby Alexander.
Cousin Chloé: Hello, Peppa. Hello, George.
Peppa: Hello, cousin Chloé.
Uncle Pig: Hey, hello everyone!
Mummy: Hello, Uncle Pig.
Auntie Pig: Hello.
Daddy: Hello, Auntie Pig.
Auntie Pig: You remember baby Alexander, don't you Peppa?
Peppa: Yes!
Baby Alexander: hehe
Daddy: Are you staying for a few days?
Auntie Pig: No, this is what Alexander needs for just one day.
Uncle Pig: Can't go anywhere without all these baby things.
Daddy: Oh.
Peppa: Hello baby Alexander.
Cousin Chloé: He can't talk, Peppa.
Peppa: If he can't talk, then how do you know what he wants?
Uncle Pig: We guess.
Baby Alexander: *Waaahhhhhh*
Uncle Pig: I'm guessing he's hungry.
Auntie Pig: Peppa, would you like to help feed Alexander?
Peppa: Yes, please.
Narrator: It is lunchtime for baby Alexander.
Auntie Pig: Cousin Peppa is going to feed you today, Alexander.
Peppa: There you are, baby.
Baby Alexander: auh
Peppa: Here it is.
Baby Alexander: auh
Peppa: He keeps turning his head.
Baby Alexander: auh
Narrator: Feeding baby Alexander is quite hard.
Auntie Pig: Watch this -- here comes the airplane. Whoooo
Cousin Chloé: Alexander likes it if you pretend the spoon is an airplane.
Auntie Pig: You have a go, Peppa.
Peppa: Here comes the airplane, wrrrr. Open your mouth and in through the doors. Whoosh
Peppa: That was an airplane. Can you say airplane?
Cousin Chloé: I told you, he can't talk.
Auntie Pig: He hasn't even said his first word yet.
Mummy: Peppa, do you remember what your first word was?
Peppa: No.
Mummy: It was Mummy.
Daddy: I thought Peppa's first word was Daddy.
Mummy: No, Mummy.
Cousin Chloé: What was George's first word?
George: Dinosaur.
Daddy: George's first word was dinosaur.
Daddy: Somebody looks like they had a good lunch.
Uncle Pig: Yes. Bath time, I think.
Narrator: Baby Alexander is having a bath.
Baby Alexander: hehe
Peppa: This is Mr. Dinosaur. Can you say dinosaur?
Baby Alexander: [baby babble]
Cousin Chloé: He can't talk, Peppa!
Peppa: But he will talk one day. Then you'll know what he wants.
Uncle Pig: What do you want to do now, Alexander?
Baby Alexander: [baby babble]
Peppa: I think it wants to go for a walk.
Uncle Pig: He can't walk yet, but he can go out in his buggy.
Daddy: That's a clever little buggy.
Uncle Pig. Yes. Five gears, mud guards and ABS is standard.
Peppa: Blah, blah, blah. That's how daddies talk.
Baby Alexander: hehe
Auntie Pig: Alexander likes it when you talk, Peppa.
Peppa: That's because I am very interesting.
Peppa: This is the sky. Can you say sky?
Baby Alexander: [baby babble]
Peppa: The sky is where rain comes from. Can you say rain?
Baby Alexander: [baby babble]
Peppa: Rain is good for ducks and plants, and making muddy puddles!
Narrator: Peppa has found a big muddy puddle.
Peppa: Look, Alexander. I am jumping up and down in a puddle.
Baby Alexander: hehe
Peppa: I love jumping up and down in puddles.
Baby Alexander: Puddles.
Auntie Pig: Alexander has said his first word, "puddles."
[Hurray -- puddles]
Peppa: And I taught him to say it!
Baby Alexander: Puddles.



March 23, 2012

I did not use quote marks where the previous transcriber used them. So some text will need altering to retain a consistent format.

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