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English Script Request

Complete / 134 Words
by thatlinguist -

The word abase means to shame or embarrass someone else. It also means to lower yourself physically or in rank. A boss who abases his employees by constantly yelling at them and criticizing their work will probably not be very well liked because they do nothing but bring people down. In a similar way, parents who abase their children will wind up with kids who don't think very highly of themselves. When people are scolded and humiliated by other people, especially people in power, they aren't likely to succeed. Another usage is, "I won first prize at the state fair for my baking, but I felt so guilty for stealing Joshua's fruitcake recipe that I decided to abase myself and tell the judges what I had done." Abase: to degrade or demean; to humble.


Nov. 14, 2011

it is a great transciption. Thank to thatlinguist and to the site that has hallowed that.

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