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English Script Request

Complete / 1602 Words
by kelemenopy -



"We're back."

"That's how we like it. Since the last time we had you on the show, apart from the two of you, of course, we had a different Megadeth, right? You've got two new people."

"Half of a Megadeth."

"We fired Gar and Chris because they weren't really into the band as much as we were and we were having all kinds of problems to tell with the shows and it just got old really fast and you know they'd disappear before shows and stuff. And you know I'm getting old already and I didn't need that."

"Actually, it's funny you said that 'cause I read somewhere that you were complaining that the reasons they were no good was because A) they were too old and B) they weren't as smart as you."

"There was a lot more reasons than just that but, you know, I don't think they liked having someone telling them what to do. And because Gar and Chris are almost 60 between the two of them. And me trying to tell them how to think and dress and stuff like that because, you know, Gar would walk around in his black leather pants and stuff like that and 'man, you look like a pimp!' So we'd just say, 'Look. Come on. You can't do this. Kids are going to think you slipped out of the sliced stone times.'"

"And what about David? Do you find this man tells you what to wear? what to do?"

"Hell no. I wear what I want man.
This is it right here."

"Those guys needed help. Those guys needed help."

"Yeah. You see, we kind of have the same brain, you know, so we think the same all the time anyways. But yeah, with Gar and Chris the dedication wasn't there and they would find that they would want to be doing other things all the time. The band was kind of a second priority to them. So now we have Chuck Behler, who's our new drummer, and Jeff Young, our new guitar player. And we're back on course again."

"Where did you find these people from?"

"Chuck, we know, he comes from Detroit, Michigan back in the states and we've known him for about a year or so. And we heard him play quite a bit, so we knew that when we came off our tour, before we went in the studio to start our new record that we just finished, that he'd be the drummer to slide right into position. So that worked out really smooth. Jeff Young, David and I both, he was actually giving a friend of ours guitar lessons and we heard him. He just started jamming a bunch of Megadeth riffs and we said, 'Man you know what? We got this tape and we're in the studio. Why don't you come down and put out some stuff, some solos with us?'"

"And now you're in the band."

"Yeah. He came down and it worked out great. So here we are."

"Alright. We're going to have a look at the brand new megadeth line up in a minute, but let's have a look at the old Megadeth lineup of one of my favorite videos from the last 12 months or so. This is Peace Sells But Who's Buying?"


"You'll never work it out. Not in a million years. Not unless, you'd think, we play it really slowly would you catch every image that's on it. One of the reasons I like it. That was Megadeth with Peace Sells But Who's Buying?"


"Since all that happened, you been in the studio recording a new album?"

"Yeah. We just completed it around the end of September. And I went up to Bearsfield(?) out in Woodstock and we started mixing it. It wasn't quite how we wanted, so we went out back to Los Angeles and had the infamous Micheal Wagner mix it. And needless to say now, finally, we have a record that we're proud of. I mean Peace Sells is a good record first, but sonicly(?) it wasn't what we wanted to do. Yeah, we had to sit in there for hours and hours and go through the same stuff, you know, drum tracks and stuff like that. Whereas with this new line up, chuck has been playing with us about five days before we went into the studio and I mean you can't tell that he's only been with us five days because we sound closer knit than we've ever been before. But I don't know, this new record really shows the band how we want to be perceived by ???"

"Do you think you already topped the last two albums?"

"I think definitely think so. I mean one thing about it, we had all the songs together like we always do when we go into the studio,]. We don't go in there and write songs in the studio at about a 1000 dollars a day. So all that was together and, like Dave said, Chuck had only been with us for about a week and as soon as we went in there, Chuck was a good enough musician and a drummer to be able to get in there and just lay the tracks down. Which is good. Everything went real smooth and it was on schedule and we had some money to work with this time, too. Our last record was recorded for Combat Records, originally."

"Right. Right."

"Which was our indepedent label we were with before Capital. So we didn't have a whole lot of money and the sound quality suffers a bit from that. From not having money cause thats, you know, one of the..."

"Tell me. Tell me. Do you think there had to be a time you know bands they get to be a little big old and they start to broaden out and mellow out a little bit and cross over a little bit and suddenly you got sleepy ballads in there."

"You know I think some people have been saying that we've sold out so to speak you know for commercial success and just for that reason's the reason we titled the record what it is."

"Which is?"

"So Far So Good So What?"


"So what?"

"Let's have a look at the first single from that new album its called Wake Up, Dad."

"Are you sure you didn't write that song about me?"

"Yeah. Wake up, dad."

"Okay. Okay, cool. look the reason youre in britain is because in two days time you're going up to Leeds to play this huge festival Who else is on the bill? I know Nuclear Assault is on the bill"

"Overkill, Nuclear Assault, the Cro Mags (yay~), Virus, Laaz Rocket and..."


"??? and Destruction, I believe."

"No, not Destruction it's only eight bands."

"It's going to be a hell of a day isn't it?"


"It's going to be a long day that's for sure."

"Did the last time you played in britain, of course, you had all sorts of problems. Your gear getting in the hands of ??? over in London. Yeah."


"Are you hoping to a bit kind of like wipe out all the memory of that?"

"Okay, this time. last time we came over here all out gear got locked up in customs. This time we're planning a rehearsal while we're here so we can go over all our gear. When you're renting gear, you know, it's like sleeping with someone else's girlfriend. You don't know what you're doing. The job gets done but, you know, you still don't have as much fun as using your own stuff. And this time we'll be able to work with it and be able to get everything dialed in instead of changing in between songs and turning knobs and having the cordless just cut out on you during your best song."

"Alright, and of course, after all this of course, you were just telling me you were hanging out on tour in America. Not with one of the new metal bands. With Dio."

"With Dio."

"Dio, right. From march, From December 28th to march 23rd maybe doing 50 shows with them all...(???)"

"How do you think you're going, up against the old man there?"

"I think it'll be really good our record is going to be released in America about mid-January. So we'll be on the tour a couple weeks before the record comes out but I think it's going to go really good. Everybody's predicting it'll go really good. Ronnie seems to be really excited that we'll be going on out with him."

"Well, don't ask me what I think."

"Well, I'm not going to ask what you think because I think we know what you think."

"I think it's going to be great, alright?"

"So I wish you rather luck with that guys and I hope you come back and see us. Well, we're just going to show a bit of Cro Mag. I heard you go "Yay" a at the mention of them."

"Yeah. They're good friends of ours. Really good friends of ours. We met them in New York a long time ago and they're probably one of the most sincere core bands to come out of New York. And they're not pretentious. They know what they're doing."

"This is what we want: no pretention. Alright. Listen. Thank you very much Dave Mustang."

"You're welcome."

"You're very welcomed."

"Thank you very much. This is the Cro Mags and We've Got to Know(?)"


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