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English Script Request

Complete / 603 Words
by adroitdroid -

"Hey, how you doing Christian?"

"Doing well, thanks."

"Now, uh, tell me, how did...tell me about the character Sam."

"Uh, Sam is a medical student. Um, the story is when Sam and his fiance have to come back to Los Angeles to live with his mother who is, um, a record producer. Um, who sleeps with a man who is around the same age as Sam. Drugs, free love, everything like that. And, uh, Sam basically is just having a really hard time with dealing with that and his rebellion is taking on the opposite kind of rebellion. So what most teenagers do, he, I'm not playing a teenager, but his rebellion would have started as a teenager. His rebellion is to be as straight-laced as possible, to be as sensible as possible, to go away and get what he calls a proper job, you know. But, what really interests me about playing the character was it's, you know, everyone can relate to having things, family problems, et cetera, relationships that can end up holding you back for years, you know.

by kelemenopy -

And it's about, at what point rebellion starts to become useless for yourself, you know? Because Sam is still rebelling against a mother who loves him and has no problem with what he's doing; so his rebellion has no effect on her."

"At some point you have to let go."

"Well, exactly. At some point your character has to become something more than just a protest. Sam knows exactly what he isn't but he hasn't worked out exactly what he is yet, you know?"

"Well I hear now there is, is there a liaison with an Israeli doctor in this movie?"

"Yeah. Yeah, it's part of the fact that he, he thinks, he likes to think that life can be very easily planned, you know? And that life can have really black and white answers. And he can say that, you know, that he knows exactly what his life is going to hold for him and suddenly, Bang, here's something that wasn't part of the plan and it's kind of an acceptance that, you know, life has a lot of chaos to it."

"Alright. I have to ask you this question. Do you know who John Wetton is?"


"He was a singer for Asia. Now, i talked to-"

"I dont know who Asia is."

"Really? They're a British band comprised of, like, the singer of King Crimson, which was John Wetton. You've heard of King Crimson, right?

Really? They're all British bands. Progressive rock. You've heard of that?"

"Yeah. Yes."

"I just think you'd be perfect to playing the part of John Wetton in a movie of his life story. I talked to Cameron Crowe about it and he said he'd be interested in doing a movie about his life story, too."

"I don't know who he is."

"Go buy the first Asia record. You'll like it. It's like Journey(?). Now, how do you choose your roles? I noticed that there's always an extreme with the roles you picked. Like once you're a hero, then you're a killer, then now a doctor?"

"You know, yeah. I obviously like to have as many different roles as possible. The next one is coming right after doing a very big movie with lots of special effects and everything. And I kind of want to go back to what I'm accustomed to, which is just this kind of movie. I really don't have a big agenda or plan. It's really just do i like the script and do i want to work with the director?


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