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English Script Request

Complete / 195 Words
by Frouthsis -

The biggest thing is the training. Um, alot of schools do nothing but academic. They are literally come in, lets do death by power point, lets uh do research papers upon research papers.
With us we chose the exact opposite.
The one thing that a person needs to learn how to do is do the job. You can sit here and tell me all day long in theory you can make an arrest, in theory you can do this you can do that. Well what we do is we put the theory to the test. Um its twenty percent bookwork, eighty percent hands on traing. Eighty percent of real world operational training which is what students need so much. What that does for our student is it allows our student to build their skills, build their experience, allow them to come back and actually mentor new students, so their still building skills, getting them out into the field into our um into our field training program.
Now their developing skill training as well as actual hands on work experience.
We're the only program outside of a police department that does this for the civilian world.


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