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English Script Request

Complete / 249 Words
by lvsanchez115 -

Hi. I'm the author of Anki and this is a quick introductory video. Anki helps you remember things. It does this by asking you questions shortly before you are likely to forget. Black indicates things that are due for review, and since we've started this deck today there's nothing due yet. And, now, I did learn this recently, and I think probably in a couple of days I am likely to forget. So, we'll choose "Easy" and it will be shown to me again three days later. When this question comes back again in three days, if I am able to answer it correctly again, the time will be begun and next time it will be shown to me, for example, 10 days later. And then after that maybe 25 days later. Because the times get longer everytime you answer correctly, it means you don't have to spend a lot of time reviewing all of the material. It's only shown to you again just about the time you're likely to forget. There are two bars there and the bottom bar won't appear for about one month. That's the bar you should really care about. There's a lot of new material being introduced here, so it's only natural that I get it wrong the first time. But this bar down the bottom will track your progress over, your long term progress, of cards you have seen at least one month before, and that's the one you should really worry about.


May 24, 2012

Thank you so much!

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