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English Script Request

Complete / 378 Words
by adelie -

IOC, Good afternoon. It's hard to believe it's only been seven weeks since we met in Lausanne. Since that time, I've been training harder for today than for most of my competitions. And, just like in Lausanne, I'm still a little bit nervous. After all, to be a part of this process is very humbling for someone my age. It is humbling because you are making history today and I get to be a small part of it. I remember feeling the same way when I competed in Vancouver. Ten years ago, when Pyeongchang began to host the Winter Games, I was a young girl beginning my own Olympic dream in an ice rink in Seoul. At that time I was fortunate to choose a winter sport that had good training facilities and coaches in Korea. But as you know, many Korean winter athletes travel halfway around the world just to train for their Olympic dreams. But now my dream is to share the opportunities I have with other athletes in new regions. And Pyeongchang 2018 can help achieve that. Our government created the Drive to Dream project to fund regional sport facilities and training for athletes. Thanks to this program, Korea earned a total of fourteen medals in Vancouver, including mine. And we placed seventh in all of our medals won out of eighty-two countries. To do even better in the future, we need the new venues that Pyeongchang 2018 will bring. The New Horizons will leave a legacy that is perhaps even more important than venues. I'm talking about human legacy. I'm a good example of a living legacy of our government's efforts to improve the standard of Korean winter sports. And I know now, perhaps more than I ever imagined, what our victory will mean. It will mean the possibility for success and achievement. That's what young people everywhere in the world need and deserve. And lastly, I would like to add a personal note to you today. It's very rare for an Olympian to actually get to say thank you to all IOC members at one time... so please allow me to say thank you dear IOC members for providing someone like me opportunity to achieve my dreams and to inspire others. Thank you.


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