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English Script Request

Complete / 210 Words
by Keili -

Girl, you smell that?

You trippin'!

Wait a minute... that's you! Eww!



Oh no you didn't!

Take a bath!
Wash yourself!
Take a bath!
Try and use a little soap!

Take a bath!
Wash yourself!
Take a bath!

I came to use the soap on my hand!
It's so green and fresh, slick, and so cool!

Don't worry 'bout conditioner, shampoo or towel, 'cause girl I got that too!

It's never pleasant
When you smell like a pheasant
Full grown German Shepherd

You better clean better
Or I won't mess wit' ya
No I won't!
Flies don't touch ya
And they don't!

Take a bath
Wash yourself
Take a bath
Be sure to use a little soap

Attention all you guys and gals
You gotta take a bath (Take a bath)
'Cause if you don't and you go out
You smell like a horse's ass (Take a bath)
So get that tub a-runnin' for your love like a ??? (Show me what ya workin' with)
Gonna say it one more time now baby girl
You gotta take a bath

Take a bath
Wash yourself
Take a bath
Please use a little soap

Take a bath
Wash yourself
Take a bath



by Antoinette_ -

Powerpuff [The text finishes here.]

by bananaman -



March 4, 2012

I marked this as incomplete because there were a couple of words I couldn't make out.

March 4, 2012

@Keili: That's fine, I couldn't work out what they're were saying at the end either. I just needed the lyrics for this funny song. Many thanks for your time and effort! :) x

March 7, 2012

Does anyone know the word to the end of

"So get that tub a-runnin' for your look like a ????" sound like Sal to me. maybe it's some type of animal. Can someone please clear this up? it's really bugging me. Thanks.

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