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English Script Request

Complete / 3548 Words
by jaymendoza -

In the last few years, unaccountable puzzling events have been taking place on the outskirts of Milan, in Italy. Unidentified aircraft hover just in front of the windows of an anonymous house. The phenomenon keeps reoccurring with a high frequency.

A young man films them with his camera, producing UFO footage absolutely unique in history. The image quality, the length of the footage, and the different types of objects astonish the experts.

What is happening? Who are the mysterious visitors? An extraordinary event that stimulates the interest of experts all over the world. A new enigma to solve. The Urzi case, a mystery in the skies of Italy.

It is certainly not very common for people to have the extraordinary experience of spotting and filming a UFO. Even less frequent are those who can do it repeatedly. Antonio Urzi is one of them. The number of objects he has sighted is very large, having collected almost a hundred films.

Also, it is not just the amount of evidence that makes this case unique in its genre. There is also the unusual closeness of the aircraft, the impressive high quality of the images, and the appearance of multi-shaped UFOs.

"I've been shooting many types of objects, from flying saucers with metal surfaces to spheres. Tubular objects, as well many other types already sighted all over the world."

(Stopped at 2:41)

by 2rubyred2 -

Antonio got his first camera in August, 2003. It was an old analog video 8 camcorder. Good enough to catch the mysterious visitors on tape. Actually, Antonio has been siting UFO's since he was a child, but only that year, he decided to capture them.

The first objects he filmed were well known spheres of light, sited all over the world, and also in space. But soon afterwards, more interesting objects started to appear. Like this extraordinary, shiny, cigar-shaped UFO, captured in day light. Film that resembles other sitings in Italy and abroad.

by hoolan -

(Start at 3:22)

Another well known type of Unidentified flying objects are the triangular crafts. They became famous throughout the world after the large number of sightings that occurred in Belgium in 1989.

As soon as Antonio got his camera they stared appearing almost immediately. In fact the first footage dates back to October 2003, and its completely identical to the craft shot in Belgium.

Afterward Antonio caught them again, filming other videos of very high interest.

(End at 4:00)

by bananaman -

Where did these objects come from? At that time the Belgian army declared that they did not exclude the extra-terrestrial hypothesis. This statement caused a worldwide sensation.

(End at 4:14)

by bananaman -

The triangular UFO was chased by fighter planes but they could do nothing as the unidentified flying aircraft passed from 280 to 1700 kilometres an hour in just one second. Such an increase in speed would kill any pilot because human beings can only tolerate acceleration five times less than that. The extraordinary nature of Urzi’s experience was evident from the first series of videos but this was just the beginning. In the following months the quality of his films improved remarkably.

(End at 4:50)

by Talonmalon -

Since 2004, namely from June, I have been sighting the same metallic objects that I used to see when I was a child.

The fact(?) occurred on the 4th of June, 2004. The UFO was very close; definitely metallic. They seldomly come so close to a camcorder.

(Ends at 5:13)

by zachmckay -

The filmed sequence shows a light sphere circling around the saucer. According to the experts, it might be a remotely operated test probe, a rather common element in UFO sightings.

According to analysts, the hull should be at least 7 to 9 meters across. Unfortunately the lack of reference points makes it difficult calculate the exact dimensions.

"In summer 2003 when I bought the camera and started filming, I did not mean to show my films as they were meant for my personal records. When these objects appeared so close to me with their metallic surfaces, my only intention was to catch their details. I didn't care at all about filming the surroundings."
(Ends at 6:07)

by SJ3110 -

It has also to be considered that the position where Antonio films is not very comfortable. Most of the filming is from the small windows on the roof of the small loft where he lives with his fiancee, Simona. The sloped windows are pivoted in the middle, and Antonio has worked out a solution to fix the shutters. Moreover, from his small window he has got a limited view over the sky. So it seems incredible that UFOs may literally pose, making a sort of performance, allowing him to film. However, when an object appears to Antonio all of a sudden, as if it were there for him, he gets so concerned about filming that he just holds the shutters with his own hand. The position makes filming even more difficult. Sometimes Antonio has got enough time to go to Simona's grandmother's flat, where he can film more comfortably from a small balcony.

Meanwhile, the visitors come back for him.

It was about 7:30am when a bronze like metallic object appeared. There was an unusual silence while Antonio was filming the strange movements of the disc. It's remarkable when the hull tilts, so that the bottom clearly mirrors the sun.

This phenomenon happened again during the same month. In the new extraordinary video the object seems to be a cross among the sightings of the American George Adamski, the Swiss Billy Myer and the Hispano-American Paul Villa. Unlike previously, in this footage there are clouds in the sky, so that one can better appreciate the motion of the craft. The video has also a further reference point - the window frame. At the end the disc went out of sight, and when Urzi zoomed out, you can see the small portion of sky where the object revealed itself. Analyzing the frames of this exceptional footage, on the side of the shiny craft you can notice some dark round areas, similar to port holes. Filmed UFO evidence has hardly ever been that sharp. 20 days later the big metallic discs made themselves evident.

(Ends at 9:08)

by jag699 -

(Starts at 9:09)

The maneuvers of the object's were like the previous videos, but after a few seconds it disappeared. Urzi zoomed out, and the window was visible again. This time, Antonio had a surprise. As soon as the disc reappeared, it was totally different from before. The footage remained out of a focus for a long time, but because of the clouds, the fluctuations of the saucer became clearer. Afterwards, the second UFO disappeared too. A few months elapsed before the appearance of objects at close range. It was 40 minutes past midnight when he noticed an object that drew his attention. This disc stood out very clearly in the night sky. At a certain moment, much to his surprise, the object started to repeatedly light up with a particular violet light.

(Translator for Antonio Urzi)
I don't know if this was due to it's own light or to a reflection since you primarily noticed the circular shape of the object and this light rotating around the bottom and the top.

An unusual event for UFO footage. About 30 minutes after Antonio zoomed out, and you could see the nearby buildings, an important reference - which also shows the setting where the event took place. The UFO had gone very far, yet had remained visible but blurry. The sighting lasted more than 40 minutes a long - a long and unusual duration for a UFO shooting. 9 days after, exactly at the same time of the previous video - at 0:40AM - another flying object appeared. The shape was different from all the others he had seen 'til that moment. The color was bronze amber and it was more visible than the previous nights UFO.

(Until: 11:55)

by polyglot15 -

You can see an amber color object hovering with a very light background due to foggy weather that night. The bottom of the hole reflected the light of a football field below and the reflection changed in accordance with the movement of the object. Also when filming a night Antonio’s film stands out for the clear and detailed pictures.

It took only a few days before another metallic disc would go so close to Urzi’s camera. It happened exactly on the third of December 2004. Depending on its position, it reflected the city lights underneath.

Its black color was also original. The aircraft carried on its maneuvers in front of the camera for about 5 minutes. This footage closed a year of sightings of the greatest importance. At the time, Antonio used to film when he was not at work.

End at 13:33

by mondojohnson -

[Voice of translator]
So it could have been at night, very late in the evening, in the morning before going to work, or in lunch breaks.

The recurrent coincidence of Antonio's spare time with the visitor's appearance is another important element. It suggests that there is an interaction between the phenomenon and the person filming it: an indication of an intelligent and intentional project.

[Voice of translator]
After years of filming, I deduced that these objects cleary intend to make sure that their shapes and features are well visible, in detail. I can figure it out by looking at their motion in the air. We are facing an intelligent phenomenon that wants to interact with us.

End at 14:23

by DanyelR -

Meanwhile, Antonio met the independent researcher, and became friends with him. He has been the first person to study Antonio's experience. The first, to seriously believe and support him. He asked to analyze the films,even though he was convinced of the authenticity of the videos and of Antonio's experience.

[Voice of translator]

I came to the conclusion that they are 100% original and authentic. First of all, the videos have no hint of computer-aided graphic tampering. Moreover, I know very well the background were Antonio films. I know his habits, the instruments, and means he uses.

Studying such a unique case, borderline with science fiction, cannot entail just footage and instrumental analysis. It is very important also to know also the characters life background, the environment where he was brought up, and the testimony of family of friends.

Today, Antonio lives in the suburbs of Milan, but he was born and grew up in Liverno(?). It is in this Tuscan city that his family still lives. His father, his mother, and his brother.

Since Antonio was a child he used to call his parents as soon as he sited strange objects in the sky.

[Voice of translator]

I remember his experience started very early. I think he was just five or six years old when he told me he saw these luminous objects. But sometimes you don't pay attention to a child speaking. You may just say "alright, OK, OK".

However, this event kept occurring again and again over time.

by DanyelR -

End at 16:15

by thrash242 -

He spent a lot of time on the balcony with his eyes fixed on the sky and he used to cry, "I've seen a UFO!", but we usually didn't pay very much attention. We thought it was the fantasy of a young boy--that's all.

The phenomena carried on, and since Antonio kept insisting, the family members also started to become aware of the fact that he really saw strange things.

He was on the terrace, in the dark and I heard him calling, "Mom, hurry up! Come and see!" This boy was crying. He was shaken and sweating. "Look, look, look!" So we have seen those sorts of flotillas that now we see on the television.

End at 17:03

by Budz888 -

Dad, come out and be quiet, he told me and I kept silent even though usually I talk a lot. So he continue (sic), look up at the sky so I did it and he said 'Be quiet, look over there, you can see those three points moving?' I looked at him then looked up once again but they had disappeared. Once at home I thought 'Man, he must be an extra-terrestrial I know he is my son by I do not understand what is this strange thing he radiates.

This is the house where I was born, this is the balcony where the first sightings occured when I was 7, 8 years old. I remember is was right between those two cranes on the background, where we see a small strip of sea. From that point over there I started to see the first objects coming up, stopping, going from right to left, spheres of several kinds. They came in from the sea and stopped right over here.

Antonio's sightings used to happen even when he went out with the whole family. He went to the sea-side in Terenia, while we were enjoying ourselves, playing cards or having an ice-cream, he looked at the sky all the time. One day he came running towards me saying, 'Mum, hurry up, come and see what's here. We were in the parking area with a lot of people and they all saw it. We were quite shocked.

End at 18:39

by danieru -

I saw a disc above me; very bright, changing colors, and spinning around making very strange revolutions, passing jerkily from left to right.
It drew my attention so I started to cry, getting my parents and the other people's attention. I was about 8 years old.

The family's testimony could carry on, however they confirm that Antonio has always been a sensible since he was young, making him somewhat different to those of the same age. With his aptitude to spot mysterious flying objects strangely connected to him.

Antonio has always been a peculiar boy. Always mentioned that he sees things. He's always looked awkward to my eyes.
I don't know the reason. I don't know what drives him. He says he feels something inside. And when he feels some presence, he just takes the camera and shoots all the time. People may think he's mad but these are the facts.

The events that Antonio and his family have described are not new for ufology and contact cases. That's peculiar sensitiveness, the recurring sightings since an early age are common elements for other famous contactees.

End at 20:17

by jotsecham -


The fact comes out that these people had or might have had similar experiences earlier in their life.

So it could have happened either when they were children or at an earlier age, in which they were not fully aware of what was happening. Possibly only years after the event, they could understand it.

All of this makes you wonder since it suggests that this person could have been chosen somehow to live this kind of experience.

Anyhow, it surely important to consider, that even Spielberg dealt with these experiences in the TV series taken.


by minton10c -

The episodes carried on until the age of about thirteen. At that time, Antonio started to cultivate other interests, and so the phenomena became less frequent.

This phase lasted until he was about twenty two to twenty three years old, when Antonio met a group of ufologists and extraterrestrial enthusiasts in Livorno. In that moment, his passion of youth for the mysterious visitors was restored. He started experiencing again the events that characterized his youth. Antonio felt to go to Valley Benedetta, an area just outside Livorno. Sometimes he went there on his own; other times, he involved other people, starting with his brother, Gabrielle, even if not everyone shared Antonio’s passion for the phenomenon.

“When they went to Valley Benedetta, Gabrielle used to go, too, but he did not take it that seriously, whereas Antonio did the opposite; he was utterly keen. This is why I’ve said he was so different from the others, from his schoolmates.”

“The evening went more or less like this: We got there by car, took position, and maybe after about five minutes, one or two lights would manifest above us. They would maybe come up from the hill and start hovering above us, increasing in their luminescence. Then they would slowly change position with irregular movements, impossible for a conventional plane.”

Unfortunately, nobody thought to bring a video camera or photographic equipment.

“We haven’t thought of bringing camcorders or cameras as it was something really new for us -- I mean that we didn’t take the time to consider capturing frames in order to show our experience to the others. There was not even the intention to show any material to anyone, because we felt it as a personal experience.”

During sky watching, many people have the chance to experience it first-hand -- the appearance of those unknown aircrafts that Antonio mentioned -- even if not everything was so straightforward.

“During the period in which there have been many such sightings, I try to involve as many people as possible, like my family and close friends. Unfortunately, though, I have to confess there has been a lot of mockery.”

Francisco Vincent Concieri (?) is among those friends that, at the time, used to see the spectacular fluctuations of unidentified visitors with Antonio.

“When Antonio told me about these experiences, I immediately believed him as we’re very close friends. We have always had a strong bond since we were children, I reckon since we were about five, six years old. I did experience these kind of occurrences with Antonio. I remember in detail at least fifteen events. I often went there and wintertime with him in that time period from ’96 to ’97. There have been periods in which we went there at least twice a week, although Antonio used to go there even more frequently on his own. I didn’t go with him all the time.”

(ended at 24:36)

by sissyharu -

The opinions of experts, together with those of Urzi’s family members and friends, describe a picture of an incredible experience within a real context. History, places, and testimonies synchronize to fit these extraordinary episodes into our reality; culminating into Antonio’s shocking films. At the end of the ‘90s, the experiences at Valley Benedetta ceased.

This experience stopped around ‘98 to ‘99 because I moved to Milan for work.

In 2000, Urzi met Simona Sibila. AFter a little while, they started going out and Antonio found out that she shared the same passion for unidentified flying objects. Meeting Simona marked the beginning of a new phase of his contactee experience. He moved permanately to his current little loft and through the horizontally pivoted windows, his fantastic visitations started again.

In 2000 I met Simona and my experience started again. It kept going on until 2003 when I bought a camcorder in order to start filming what I saw.

After the first videos in 2003, and the incredible series in 2004, in 2005 Antonio filmed one metallic disk. It appeared again at nighttime. The sighting was dated April 30. In the dark sky background, the UFO hull stood out. The movements, the light reflections, and the shape were similar to a disk that appeared on the 3rd of December, 2004. Actually, it even seems to be the same object, although the second one was less visible due to a darker sky. The aircraft carried on its maneuvers in front of the camera for about ten minutes. Anyhow, the two disks filmed in 2005 are less sharp than the nocturnal sighting on the 27th of November, 2004.

I had the chance to film two supposedly metallic disks in a dark sky. The background was different from the footage of November. In fact, the sky looked reddish, almost amber colored. Liked the disk itself that was illuminated by the city lights.

Even though the first series of film, in the period 2003 to 2005, was extraordinarily sharp, Antonio had no intention to show them around. Nevertheless, in the end, he became aware of their exceptional value and the importance of a real contact attempt by an extraterrestrial intelligence. So he decided that it was worth spreading his case out. He got in touch with some National and International researchers. But, due to a series of misunderstandings, they did not achieve a detailed investigation.

At the beginning, the desire to spread out this material was so strong the approach with regard to some researchers was...detrimental due to my wrong attitude - as I had no experience and I have often been aggressive.

(ended at 28:05)

by zanster -

The only person supporting him in that period was

In November
My reaction to Garafalo’s account was utterly incredulous, at the edge of skepticism.

by angienette -

UFOTV means unidentified flying objects (as shown on television. [?]

by angienette -

I could not understand why a case with such important material could still be unexplored. At the end, though, Garofalo convinced me. I presented the case to Giorgio Bongiovanni, with whom I have been working for many years, and we decided to involve Jaime Maussen.

by angienette -

I could not understand why a case with such important material could still be unexplored. At the end, though, Garofalo convinced me. I presented the case to Giorgio Bongiovanni, with whom I have been working for many years, and we decided to involve Jaime Maussen.

[ended @28:54]


Nov. 8, 2011

(Stopped at 3:23)

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