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English Script Request

Complete / 695 Words
by rayne117 -

Jimmy: This is something that I am trying to imagine. Um, standing there and watching this, cause I'll tell you this, if I was watching Tom do this I would be very very nervous but I'm not married to him, and you are.

This is the tallest man made structure ever built, this one over here [laughter]. And here is Tom on top of it, with his shoes off! Because it's not unsafe enough up there with some sort of hiking apparel on. And you are down on the ground watching this?

Katie: Well I was, he shot this in Dubai, in November. And I was here in Los Angeles shooting Jack and Jill, with Adam Sandler. And, I planned a long weekend. I went to visit, and I was always you know kind of on the Blackberry "How's it going and..." "Oh, great!".

A great day to him is you know "I slide down the building" or "I climbed up the building. So I always have to keep that in mind.

And I started juicing, I was like "I think I'm really nervous---"

Jimmy: You mean like steroids?

Katie: No, no! [laughter] I walk into those things. Uh, no, vegetable juice. Uh, because I kind of lost my appetite, and so anyways we go and he goes "Come to set, we have a great shot." And I was like "OK."

So, I get there and everyone's lovely and he's worked with the same crew and I know everyone, and they're great. Anyway, so I, they, yell "Rolling!" and "Action!". And he drops like, a lot of feet.

Jimmy: This is uh, what you're talking about?

Katie: This is what I'm talking about.

Jimmy: Yeah.

Katie: And we were right there watching the monitor.

Jimmy: Who's we right there?

Katie: Serena.

Jimmy: Oh my god.

Katie: And uh---

Jimmy: You can't use the elevator huh?

Katie: So uh we then um, we went, and I said "You know that was great, that wow, oh wow, we're going to go wait in the holding area." And then he did some more shots, and then he came back.

Jimmy: [NOTE: I think he says "In only in the area you didn't have to watch this?" which doesn't make much sense.]

Katie: No, it was uh, no there was chocolate there---

Jimmy: OK, we're good.

Katie: ---and there was food and board games I was just like "Let's play cards or whatever." So anyways so he came and said "How'd you like it?" "I loved it, I loved it."

And he wrote to his friend "Kate loved it." And then his friend wrote to me and said "What did you think?" I said "Oh my god, I was terrified, I wanted to throw up." I said I think I pulled it off because I told him I loved him.

Jimmy: I guess so, that's your great acting accomplishment right there.

Katie: Yes, yes I'm on the spot. I gotta perform.

Jimmy: Speaking of board games Jaden Pinka Smith [NOTE: Not sure if that is spelled right.] was here and she said that you guys will sometimes have game nights where you play uh, Monopoly with like real money and real buildings and uh. Is that the regular?

Katie: No.

Jimmy: What do you guys play?

Katie: We play a version of Scrabble called Take Two. Which is, you don't use the board you use the pieces and everyone gets four pieces. And you flip the pieces over at the same time and you try to make a word and if someone makes a word they say "Take Two!". And then you all have to take two. So if you're on it quick, you're taking two, taking two, taking two and suddenly you have twenty pieces and have to make all these words.

Jimmy: Who is most competitive in that group of the four of you?

Katie: It, we're all pretty competitive.

Jimmy: You are?

Katie: Yes.

Jimmy: Who's the worst loser in the group?

Katie: I think you'll have to come over and join us and you be the judge of that.

Jimmy: Then it will be me.


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