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English Script Request

Complete / 441 Words
by Thomas -

Interviewer: It just got a little more frantic. Brad Pitt is here. Angelina Jolie is here. I think you two represent something really important in this town. You've given your heart. I know you've given a lot of money to the people in Katrina. You've become a humanitarian, really I think, savior to people around the world, getting the word out. So when you come to something like this, what is the importance level, based on what else you do in your lives.

AJ: This is part of our work and it's, you know we're fortunate enough to make films and be creative and it's certainly a means to, to another end we're able to do a lot of good work through the attention this gives and the finances this gives. But we're both artists and we love it and we're lucky to be able to make film.

Interviewer: And you've both been on this red carpet before. Nominated. You've won for Girl Interrupted. You were nominated for 12 Monkeys. Is it different this time around or is that same energy here?

BP: I've never been to the Kodak Theatre, so I'm looking forward to seeing what that's all about.

Interviewer: I think that a lot of people that are involved with your movie have been down this carpet. A lot of people excited that it was nominated. You've been a champion of Clint Eastwood everytime you've spoken of this movie. So, then you realize that it takes a lot of people to make a film and a lot of people are involved with any one performance. Is that the case with your two performances?

BP: Literally hundreds and hundreds of people to make this film. And years in the process. So we're really happy that we can come and represent in that way. And it's also nice that we get to check in with the other people who've been working hard all year too. So..

Interviewer: I think we forget sometimes that when you're nominated, people are your friends and these people that are in your category - I've seen other people win and I've seen your face smile and I've seen your face smile. You're just as happy to see someone else take the stage.

BP: When I started, Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn were my idols, and so just to be sitting in the same category with them is a real honor for me.

Interviewer: And do you have idols Angelina?

AJ: Yeah, and they're in the category with me, so it's pretty great.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie are a classic Hollywood couple.


Aug. 6, 2011

Perfect transcription.

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