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English Script Request

Complete / 2477 Words
by JeweledDragon -


Special alert! Special alert!

Meet Special Agent Oso, the unique stuffed bear. He's on a special assignment to help a kid somewhere. And with help from you there's nothing he can't do.

He's oh, so special.

Hurry, Special Agent Oso!

Oh, so special.

Sounds like a plan!

When he's on the scene, he'll do all he can, learning brand new skills, facing danger and thrills...

It's all part of the plan.

He's oh, so special.

Hurry, Oso.

Oh, so special.

Way to go!

Special agent ... (special special special agent special special agent) ... Oso!

The Boy With the Golden Gift

Oso, we're on the spot here for your mystery picture training exercise. The mystery picture is on a piece of paper in Locker Number Three. You have to figure out what it's a picture of.

Gotcha, Special Agent Dottie!

But listen up, Oso. To see the whole picture, you have to fold the corners of the paper to the center, so they make triangles at the top and bottom. See?

Sounds ... like a plan! Which locker am I looking for? Number three? Great! Now, where is it? There it is! Thanks!

Mommy, do you think Quinn will like the train book I got him for his birthday?

Oh, I'm sure he will, Michael. Uh, but we'll need to wrap it quickly to get to the party on time. Uh-oh. But first, I have to change Edda's diaper. I'm sorry, honey, this really can't wait.

Don't worry, Mom, I can wrap the present myself. Hmm. Maybe I can't. I never wrapped a present before. I don't have much time.


Jet pack activated!

Let's have a look-see. Here's the paper! Like Dottie said. Tricky. I see parts of a picture on the corners of the page, but I can't tell what they're a picture of. Dottie said to see the picture I need to fold it to make shapes. I just can't remember what shapes.

Special alert! Special alert!

It's all part of the plan, more or less.

Special Agent Oso, Mr. Dos here. Michael needs to wrap a birthday present, but he doesn't know how. Your special assignment: Help Michael wrap the present.

Sure thing. What are my three special steps, Paw Pilot?

(music begins)

by Tiffyish -

[start song]
Three special steps: that's all you need.
Three special steps and you'll succeed!
Your special assignment is starting now and three special steps will show you how...

Step one: find wrapping paper.
Step two: fold and tape it around the present.
Step three: put a bow on the wrapped gift.

Three special steps, so now you know.
Three special steps and you're ready to go!
The checklist has all the steps that you need,
Just follow them all and you will succeed
with three special steps.
[end song]

Hurry, Oso! The present must be wrapped before they leave for the party!

Sounds like a plan. Ah, but first, I have to get out of this locker.

I'm a step ahead of you, Oso! And so is Whirly Bird!

I'll get you there, Oso!

Buh-bye, Oso! Good luck, Oso!

What's the code name for today's special assignment, Paw Pilot?

Code name: The Boy With the Golden Gift.

[start song]
A birthday present can show a friend that you care.
The wrapping isn't easy for a boy or a bear.
The paper and bow will give his spirits a lift,
and then your friend will be --
and then your friend will be --
the boy with the golden gift.
[end song]

Thanks, Paw Pilot! Special assignment accepted.

Here we are, Oso! Which house is Michael's?

I want to go down to the one with the red brick chimney.

You want to go down the red brick chimney? You got it!


Special Agent Oso! You came in just like Santa Claus!

(coughing) Well, I'm not Santa, but I am here to help you wrap your present, Michael! What's our first step, Paw Pilot?

Step one: find wrapping paper!

Hey! Here's some paper!

Is this wrapping paper? What do you do with paper like this? Write on it, yeah. What kind of paper is this? A newspaper. What do you do with a newspaper? Read it, right!

My mommy and daddy read it to find out the news.

It's going to be hard to read wrapped around a present.

Look at this shiny gold paper.

What do you think this paper is used for? Wrapping gifts -- I think so, too. Perfect!

Time for step two, Oso. Fold and tape the paper around the gift. Here's a tip: first put the shiny side of the paper face-down, and the gift on top of the paper.

There! Now we can start folding. Except, I'm not sure how.

Like this, Oso. Fold in two sides of the paper around the book and tape it.

I'll tape it!

Hah. Thanks, Michael. Haha, that was a sticky situation. But now what do we do with all this extra paper at the top and bottom?

Fold in the corners like this, Oso.

Okay, let's see. Fold the corners at the top, and fold the corners at the bottom.

Look! They make triangles at the top and bottom.

Triangles at the top and bottom! Sounds familiar.

Now fold that part down, and I'll tape it.

Like this?


There. We're all done!

Not quite, Oso! Don't forget step three: put the bow on the gift.

The bow! Can you help us find one?

We're about ready to go, Michael! We'll be down in ten seconds.

No time to waste, Oso! Only ten seconds to finish wrapping the present. Ten...

Here are two bows, but which one matches the present?


The gold one? Great!


Hey, it's sticky on the back!

Seven... six... five... four...

It's all part of the plan, more or less.

Three... two... one. Assignment complete!

We did it! Thanks, Oso!

And thanks to you, too.

Okay, time to go Michael.

I'm ready, Mommy. And the present's all wrapped, see?

Oh, Michael, it's beautiful! You did such a great job of folding the wrapping paper.

Oso helped me with the folding. Thanks, Oso! Bye.

Folding? That reminds me -- I have a training exercise to complete!

Let's see if I can figure out the mystery picture this time. See, Dotty? I'm folding the corners so they make triangles at the top and bottom. Hey, it's a picture of a train!

Spot on, Oso! You've earned your Mystery Picture Training Award! Way to go, Oso!

Thanks, Dotty! Wow, this is the coolest train I've ever seen!

That's good, because it's all yours!

All mine? What do you mean?

She means you've earned a new special agent vehicle.

A new special agent vehicle?

Yup, your very own train! Meet R.R. Rapide. He's your new special agent vehicle. That's why the mystery picture was a train.

Bonjour, Monsieur Oso! I will take you where you want to go.

Hi! I mean, bonjour, Rapide! My own train! I'm really on the right track now.

Hahaha, you sure are, Oso.

[start song]
Your special assignment was a success
because you followed three special steps.
By using the checklist along the way,
Here are the things you did today:

Check one: you found the wrapping paper!
(It was gold and shiny!)
Check two: you folded and taped it around the gift!
(The folding part was really tricky!)
Check three: you put the bow on the gift!
(Though the bow was really sticky.)
And the golden gift got to Quinn's party on time!

Your special assignment was a success
You did your three special steps!
[end song]

Congratulations, Oso. You've earned a special assignment digi-medal.

I couldn't have done it without all of your hard work. You deserve a special assignment digi-medal, too.

This digi-medal's for you!

Thanks to you, this special assignment is all wrapped up.




Birthdays are forever

Faster, faster!

Listen up, Oso! For today's training exercise, you need to fix the air brakes on Rapide.

The brakes help Rapide stop moving.

Right. And without brakes, we'll never get Rapide to stop! So to fix him, you need to connect that tube to both sides of the brakes.

Sounds like a plan!

Remember, to get to the brakes, you need to open the door that's marked with a stop sign.

A stop sign to help Rapide stop. Got it!

Jet-pack activated.

Which one of these doors did Dotty say to open? The one with the stop sign, thanks.

Happy birthday, Quinn!

Thanks, Fiona. Here's your party hat.

Uh, I think your cousin Madison wants a party hat, too.

Uh-oh! I forgot to get one for her. Here Madison, you can have my hat.

That was very nice of you, Quinn.

I know it was the right thing to do, but I want to wear a party hat when you take the picture of me blowing out my birthday candles.

Maybe you can make a special party hat before I take your picture.

Yeah! Except I don't know how to make a party hat.

Hmm, I have one end of the tube connected to the air brakes, but something's still not quite right.

Don't worry Oso, I love going fast!

Special alert! Special alert!


by wrio -

Whoa, whoo! Snapping caternary!

It’s all part of the plan… More or less.

Special Agent Oso, Mr. Dos here. A “Happy Birthday” is in jeopardy. Quinn wants to wear a party hat for his birthday photo, but, he gave the last party hat to his baby cousin. Your special assignment: help Quinn make a party hat.

Sounds like a plan! And I think I could use some help. Will you help me with this special assignment? … Great! Paw Pilot, what special steps will I need?

Three special steps, that’s all you need. Three special steps and you’ll succeed. Your special assignment is starting now! And three special steps will show you how!

Step 1: folding the paper circle in half.

Step 2: shape the paper into a cone.

Step 3: decorate the hat.

Three special steps, so now you know. Three special steps and you’re ready to go! The checklist has all the steps you need. Just follow them all and you will succeed—with three special steps.

Hurry Oso, they’ll be taking Quinn’s birthday picture soon.

Right. Rapi! I need my car!

But of course!

Seatbelt first before you go.

What’s the codename for today’s special assignment, Paw Pilot?

Codename: Birthdays are forever!

It’s your birthday party. You wanna (want to) wear a party hat but there aren’t any left. What can you do about that? Just make your own party hat and you’ll feel so clever. And once your picture’s taken, those birthdays are forever!

Thanks, Paw Pilot! Special assignment accepted.

Special Agent Oso! What are you doing here?

I’m on a special assignment to help you make a new party hat, Quinn.

Wow, how are you going to do that?

Good question. Paw Pilot, what’s the first special step?

Step one: fold the paper circle in half.

We have paper and all sorts of art supplies for the party over there!

Lead the way!

Hm, tricky. Paw Pilot?

First you need to find a paper circle.

Which one of these is a circle?

This is the circle, Oso.

Ahaha, thanks.

Now, you need to fold the circle in half so it makes a half circle.

In half?

I can help you, Oso.

Great work! Now for step two: shape the paper into a cone.

Ok! But what’s a cone?

It’s shaped like an ice cream cone except without the ice cream. To make a cone, put the two corners together so one goes under the other.

Wow, it looks like a hat!

Now tape the side of the cone hat so it stays together.

Quinn! Can you lend me a paw? Er, a hand, with the tape?

Sure, Oso! We have tape right over here! Yeah! This will keep that hat together!

And you’ve made a paper cone hat! Now for step three: decorate the hat. You’ll need art supplies for that.

We have art supplies right here! I want to use markers, crayons, and stickers to decorate my hat.

Sounds like a plan!

I’m going to draw some swirls and put on some stars. And last but not least…ta-da! A five because I’m five years old today. Now we just need to attach a string.

String? Why do we need to attach string to a hat?

So it will stay on my head.

Right. There we go.

Oso, you need to connect the string to both sides of the hat.

Connect it to both sides? That sounds like something Dotty said.

Hey everyone! Time for cake!

Come on, Quinn! I wanna take a picture of you blowing out your birthday candles.

Oh no, my hat!

Hurry, Oso! Quinn’s birthday candles will burn out in thirteen seconds! Thirteen…

Jet-pack activated!

Twelve… eleven…

Got it!






Just a little bit of tape…


And it’s connected to both sides!


Thanks, Oso!


Now let’s get that photo taken!

Four… three… two… one!

Assignment complete!

Happy birthday!

What did you wish for, Quinn?

I wished that Oso could come to my birthday party every year!

Sounds like a plan! But in the meantime, I have a train to catch.

Now, to connect this to both sides, just like I did with the string on Quinn’s party hat…

Yes! I did it!

Thank you, Oso. I was getting tired.

Spot on, Oso! You earned your air break training award!

Mr. Dos?

That’s not all you’ve done, Oso. Tell him, Paw Pilot!

Your special assignment was a success! Because you followed three special steps! By using the checklist along the way, here are the things you did today.

Check one! You folded a paper circle in half!

Quinn helped with that.

Check two! You shaped the paper into a cone!

We taped it to keep it together.

Check three! You decorated the hat!

We used art supplies for that.

And Quinn got to wear a party hat for his picture!

Your special assignment was a success! You did your three special steps.

And for that, you’ve earned a special assignment digi-medal.

I never would have completed my special assignment if it weren’t for your hard work. You deserve a special assignment digi-medal, too.

This digi-medal’s for you!

This special assignment was a piece of cake! … Birthday cake, get it?

Oso, you are oh so outrageous! Haha, whoo whoo!

Let’s find the matching pictures. Look at the cards closely. Do you remember which card has the birthday cake? Is it this one? Nope. How about this one? Not that one either. One more try. There it is. The matching birthday cake. Great work everybody.


May 27, 2012

The names mentioned in the first scene with Michael and his mom sound like "Quinn" and "Edda," but they could be other names. I'm not familiar with the show, so I apologize if I got the names wrong!

Also, I've realized belatedly that I've been writing "Dottie" instead of "Dotty." It's pronounced the same way, but I looked up the show and saw that the name is spelled "Dotty." Sorry. ;) If I work on this further, I'll get it right in the next batch of work.

Also, if someone else starts transcribing this from where I left off, I stopped around 03:39.

July 24, 2012

I don't know this show, so I'm hoping the spelling of Dotty and Quinn are correct (which is odd, because I thought Quinn was a female name).

I've stopped at 14:50, when Rapide falls into the water.

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