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English Script Request

Complete / 602 Words
by Lunatra -

Hey guys! What's up? It's Ali. I hope you're all doing really well, um...
This is a request, from some guys actually, who want to open their shoulders - they have really tight shoulders, and chest, and upper back. So... I'll give you a few moves that you can do at home, you don't even need a yoga mat to do it, you can do it in front of your TV. So, you're gonna love it. Let's get started.
You can come to a comfortable seat, I'm just gonna do this on my bed. So come to a really comfortable seat wherever you are. And reach your arms out to the side, we'll start with "eagle arms".
Cross your right arm over your left, bring your elbows to touch, reach around and press your palms together. And then just really simply reach your fingertips up, and sink your elbows down. Do that a few times, reaching the fingertips up and your arms away from you, and sinking the elbows down. You can repeat that about five times, just letting the upper back release. Then gently bring your arms back out to the side.
Bring your right arm up, drop the forearm behind the head and reach around and grab the fingertips. See if you can grab the fingertips there, like that. If you can't, don't worry about it, just grab a belt or something so you can still get the same stretch.
And then reach your chest up here, just to reach the elbow right up to the ceiling, and stay there for a few breaths, letting the back of the arm open and chest open. And then bring the arms back out to the side.
And then we'll just do it on the other side, so bring your left arm now on top of the right, and bring elbows to touch. Reach around and press your palms together, and then reach your fingertips up towards the ceiling, your forearms away from you, and sink the elbows down. Stay really long here, don't let your start to round, sit up really tall. Reach the fingertips up, and sink the elbows down. And just do that a few times, reaching the fingertips up and away, and sinking the elbows down, letting the back expand.
And then reach your arms out again. And then bring your left arm up and bring the forearm right behind your head. Reach around and go for the bind with your fingertips. If you don't make it there, no worries, just grab a belt or something so that you can still get the same stretch. And try and sit there for a good five deep breaths and reach your elbow right up to the ceiling and reach your chest forward and up. Sit up really tall. And then go ahead and release your arms.
And that should help with all of the tightness in your chest and upper back and your arms. You can do that as many times as you like.
Oh, also you guys may have noticed that I'm wearing a really cool t-shirt. Let me show you actually... It's for Rasa-Lila Fest. You can see... Rasa-Lila Fest. So, that's an awesome festival from all of you Florida yogis, that's gonna be happening in April 2012. So look it up, It's gonna be awesome, and I'll see you guys there. Make sure to get signed up soon, 'cos it gets packed out. And I hope you all have a great day, let me know how those shoulder openers go, and I'll take to you soon. Bye!


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