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English Script Request

Complete / 247 Words
by lingua_pura -

Butterfly stretch. Knees down, feet together. Go down as low as you can, trying to get your head down to your toes.

For the next stretch, bring your legs straight out in front of you, pull your toes up, go all the way down, trying to grab your feet. Keeping your legs straight, relax your neck.

Bring your legs far apart. Turn your body to one foot and reaching with both hands go all the way down. And switch. And straight down.

For the next stretch, one leg straight out in front of you, hands behind you. Foot over your knee. Move your knee up towards your chest and push your body forward. Switch.

Next stretch, one leg flat down, the other foot flat on the floor. Knee up, opposite arm against your knee. Push and turn with a straight back. Switch.

Now the upper body stretches. Cross your legs, one elbow down. Reach over trying to get a good stretch all the way through your side. Switch.

Lock your hands behind your back, bring your arms back.

Arms out in front of you, shoulders forward, round back. Turn to one side. And the other side.

Bring your arms up, palms up, bring them back.

Stretch your triceps overhead, press down the elbow. And switch.

Now neck stretches. Relax your arms first, straight back, chin up. Now down and forward.

Turn your chin to one side. And the other side.

Ear down to your shoulder. Switch sides.


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