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English Script Request

Complete / 406 Words
by anno -

Hello, everyone.

Uh. . . I just want to make a quick update here. I've been really busy this whole week. And, um, uh I just want to make this quick video to tell you guys that uh I wanted to huh make this uh special challenge. Uh First of all I have this the other video I made last week I talked about the um, the uh, what is it. . . the Japanese and Chinese lessons for this gaming community and what not. Those are coming, I have them lined up, I just have to find the time to make them. . so those will be coming this week. But uh, for this short video here, uh I have a good friend, um, I have a good friend by. . her name is Sarah Holm. And She. .uh she uh

by chisquarelove -

She came up with this idea. She asked me, or she told me, that I should make a video asking people to, uh, like, it's sort of like a challenge. Have you guys, uh, have you guys, um go a whole day without speaking your native language. And basically, from the morning, uh, of course for those of you who are studying foreign language, if you could do this. Like starting from the morning, just go ahead and find someone, and just speak in the target language the whole day. And then report back, report back to me and tell me what you guys, like, what language it was that you used the whole day, and what is your native language. And what did you guys talk about, the different topics. So that's pretty interesting. I didn't think about making a video like that. Um, so yeah, thanks to Miss Hong Hong San. She recommended to me to make a video like that. So I think will be interesting. And like I said, I will do the same just from the morning to, like, midnight, just speaking the target language. And you know, just report back here to everyone. You can make a video response and tell everyone that what you talked about. And yeah, that will be great. So yeah, this was just a quick video. And, uh, let me know what you guys think and you guys want to take part in this little activity here. And, uh yeah, thanks for viewing the video and I will talk to you guys soon.


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