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English Script Request

Complete / 1002 Words
by Sieglinde 0:00 - 0:04:25

Thank you so much for coming back to our show.
Is it - is it all flushing back to you?

The trauma. The post-traumatic stress of my last performance on the "Jimmy Fallon Show".

Last time you were on the show, and this is late night we just had met. We'd never met each other.

We'd never met before.

And couldn't be nicer and sweeter and, gosh, I'm a fan of yours. And you came out and you sat just the way you're sitting, very nice. And...

Just here, in this seat

...we were talking and then you said: "Before you continue..."

Before you even start the interview.


I just dove straight in there with: "I love that Halloween candy thing that you do."

And I said...

And there was just silence.

I said: "The Halloween candy thing, is that right?"

And you're like "the candy corn thing?"

Yeah I thought....


You go, "when you got kids, you trick them."

And I go: "That's Jimmy Kimmel."

It was the first time we met.

And I died inside.

You died. You turned bright red.

I died inside. I was like....

I don't mind. I get that all the time. And I get Jimmy Kimmel all the .... but then..

But you were so sweet, 'cause you let me - you were like... You could tell that I was dying inside and you were like: "It's okay, honey. If you want to go out and start again, we can do it again."

Yeah, so I had you leave and re-enter, and then when you came and sat down, I said: "So you're a big fan of late night TV?" You know what? I just love it. That was the first - we don't ever want to embarrass our guests, so please, thank you for coming back and I appreciate that.

You were so sweet. But then I felt like the show had a great vibe, 'cause everyone was in hysterics and the energy was like -- And I was so keen to do a good job after having, you know...

We love you. I mean, come on, whatever you do. Whatever.
You've had a giant year.

Yes, I have.

I mean...

It's been crazy. were fantastic in the Beauty and the Beast. We had Josh Gad on the show. But, man you were just perfect. You were beautiful in it, you sang great. It was shot beautifully. And I want to say, not that it really matters to anybody, but I think it made like a billion dollars or something?

Is that possible....

It's crazy. I remember someone saying to me: "We'd be so happy, if this made like, you know, 600 or 500 or something - and it's been - it's like - I can't even. I'm just so grateful that people....

That doesn't make any sense. it.

Those numbers are crazy.

I know, it's crazy, crazy. But this means that people love the film, which is just - which is just so awesome.

I know. We could tell you put a lot of work into it.


I read somewhere - I read somewhere that you had to go to like a princess boot camp or something like that.

I did. I did princess boot camp for three months.

I'd say that sounds like fun, though.

It was fun.

I got to ride a horse, I got to learn to waltz. And then I had singing lessons and then rehearsals. So, it was like, yeah. It was cool.

Yeah, so now would you ever -could you ever waltz now or ballroom now, if you...?

Uhm, I mean, I could, like, stumble my way through something reasonable, yeah.

Okay, maybe next time we'll do a ballroom dance.

Yeah, okay, great.

Alright, yeah. I know you're really excited about that. Uh, but now let's talk about your new film now.


This is you and Patton Oswald and Tom Hanks in "The Circle".


Based on Dave Eggers' book.


Oh, I love Dave Eggers.

I love Dave Eggers, too.

He's fantastic.

Do you get to meet Dave at all.....

Isn't it the best title for a book ever "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius"?


Such a funny title.

It's a great book.

I love it.

Did you get to meet Dave at all, or not?

I did. I was with him just last night at the premiere. We just premiered last night at Tribeca film festival. And, yeah. He came, which was - which was huge.

Yeah, he doesn't really come out of the house.

No, he doesn't.

He just writes.

No, he just does his writing thing.

That's what he does. He's great at it. Yeah, McSweeney's, too. He's a good guy. Well, tell everyone what this film is about.

Yeah, so the film is about a young woman who joins kind of a big tech company à la, you know, like a combination of Google and Facebook and Twitter, and every social media - big social media platform - you can think of. And she - it's kind of her journey wrestling with how incredibly powerful this company is and how powerful it's becoming. And the kind of like moral and ethical dilemmas that start to surround these issues of giving away personal data.

Yeah, you call it, like, transparency or something?

Yeah, she goes to - They call it she goes "transparent". So she decides to wear a camera all the time, that means that everyone in the world can see what she's doing...

At all times?

.....24 hours a day.

No privacy.

No, no privacy.

And you realize how evil this company is. And man, oh man, you're great in it. And Hanks, I mean, just you never see him as a villain.

How...I know, how weird is it to see him as the bad guy.

It's just refreshing and cool I love it.

He's like the...yeah....

I want to show a clip....


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