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Korean Script Request

Complete / 16 Words
by nohgyrud 0:00 - 00:10

어이, 에, 외, 왜, 우, 웨, 의, 으, 이

by KBG4274 00:10 - 00:10

어이, 에, 왜, 우, 왜, 어이, 으,이


Feb. 17, 2018

I downloaded some file to help me compare different Korean vowels and diphthongs.

But the source files had weird names, and I am not certain I renamed them correctly.

If I did not err, this file has the syllables in the following order:
의  에  왜  외  우  웨  위  으  이
But if I got it wrong, I would appreciate a correction. 캄사 합니다!

Feb. 27, 2018

I'm a native Korean speaker living in Busan. It could be a regional thing but I personally do not make any differences between 애 and 에 as well as 외, 왜 and 웨. I had to replay it over and over again to hear the very subtle differences. Anyway, It sounds like 의, 애, 외, 왜, 우, 웨, "의", 으, 이 to me. I think the 위 just sounds like the first 의.

As a side note, it's "감사합니다". :)

Oct. 23, 2019


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