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English Script Request

Complete / 697 Words
by domima 0:00 - 2:29

Graham Norton:Kevin, I was, I was saying in the introduction, your success is extrodinary how you know...
Kevin Briges: I'm sitting beside the guy that has pulled in 3 and a half billion dollars ... my success has been alright
Graham Norton: so-sorry to bring you down. You walked down here high as a kite and now it's like "uuoogh". Bu-no-but you must get stopped in the streets and stuff like that now?
Kevin Briges: Aye, usually by people collecting for charities. I'm asked to sign twenty five copies - twenty five pirate copies of my own DVD. Takes balls man. Yes I signed them
Graham Norton: Yes of course you do. now Lily, can you understand anything Kevin is saying?
L: No not much. I - I got something about balls at the end, is that what he said?
Graham Norton:Yeah he said balls, yep he did say balls. So can you seriously not understand
L: No. Not very much. I- I was going to kind of question him as he was going along but...
Kevin Briges: I actually tried my show in america. Did 1 gig. A guy complemented me, approached me after the set and he goes hey man are you actually scottish? and...and i said yes and he goes fuck man, your english is pretty good. (laughs) I almost forgot it man.
Graham Norton: coz...coz now talking of scottish, because Chris hemsworth, you did scottish in the Huntsman
Chris Hemsworth: yeah, well yeah it was a celtic vibe. I had, I had a great reviewer tell me that it was the worst Glaswegian accent since the fat bastard. I wasn't doing Glaswegian either side in my defense
Graham Norton:It was a celtic vibe
Chris Hemsworth: it was a celtic fantasy snow white world scottish influence kind of accent so that gives you a broad range to do whatever the hell you want but that I can I hear a little bits in there in, I understood little bits it was pretty yeah
Graham Norton: I understood little bits. Complements are flying in
Chris Hemsworth: I just need a laugh
Kevin Bridges: I think that's why we die so young in Scotland because it is just exhausting. It's so much more effort to translate in your head and just go
Graham Norton: Have you performed in Australia though
Kevin Bridges: Yes, yes I done...
Chris Hemsworth: we love you
Kevin Bridges:You're just saying that
Chris Hemsworth I swear to god, I love you
L: Yeah I played Australia, I've not played scotland but I played Australia and by the reaction, I'm amazed that I went over at all
Graham Norton: What do you mean?

by thedawn 2:29 - 3:10

Lily: I'm just saying they seem to understand Kevin very well.
Graham Norton: But we're not in Australia now.
L: No. No, I understand that. I'm just ... and even the ... I'm having trouble with Chris a little bit.
Graham Norton: Can you understand me?
Graham Norton: I can understand you.
Graham Norton: Well, that's the main thing.
L: Yeah ... [inaudible] of course it is.
Graham Norton: Yeah.
Kevin: I find there's references as well, you need to change certain ... references when you perform.
L: Are you talking to me?


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