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English Script Request

Complete / 2710 Words
by Sput 0:00 - 8:32

Khabib: This guy... Olympic champion... and that's it.
Cejudo: Come on Khabib, come on my brother. Say-
Khabib: Okay. Which one is it more? You like UFC belt, or you like Olympic gold medal?
Cejudo: No, I couldn't even... even if I was to win a third belt, like... nothing... nothing, this, this right here is so pure to me. This right here is so fucking pure. Kayla Harrison can bend the knee, because, because-
Kayla: What's it like to win two dude, do you know? Do you know? Hey, what's it like to make two teams? What... Do you know what it's like to win two?
Khabib: You have two gold-
Cejudo: (Indecipherable)
Khabib: You understand?
Cejudo: I'm gonna say something. Hold on, hold on. Hear me out real quick. One... one wrest... (wrestling) Check this out, check this out. One, only BSCE[1] wrestling medal is like five judo Olympic gold medals, that's it.
Khabib: No way, no way. I... no, no, no...
Cejudo: What's harder?
Khabib: No, no... Okay. Freestyle-
Usman: Hey, hey, they're talking to us.
Khabib: No, no, freestyle... Hey! Judo, after, um... no, no Judo is number two in Olympic games. They have, they compete one-seventy-six[2] countries... one-seventy-six countries in the world. No brother... If you talk about this with my father, brother, father go crazy. My father love judo, but- No, no. Freestyle is a great sport, but judo, different level. Gentleman, gentleman. You know? Freestyle like booze. But Judo is like high level.
Cejudo: Wrestling... wrestling is king of kings bro, in any sport. Period, that's it.
Khabib: Okay, what do you think? Judo?
Azaitar: I have good idea, brother. We have enough place here, we let them go there, and we look what's better.[3]
Cejudo: You know what? Let's move this table, let's go out here.
Azaitar: Yes, brother go there.
Kayla: I'm okay with this.
Khabib: No, no, no. He talk only this table. Please go other table and talk.[4] Because, two gold medals.
Kayla: They knew that if they put me at that table... are you kidding me? I should've brought the gold medal. I'm just not that cocky. He had some fake medal made so he could wear it around his neck. Is this real life? Is this what people do? Henry! Henry! Did you have that gold medal necklace commissioned? Did you have that gold medal necklace commissioned? Did you- was that your idea?

Cejudo: What's the hardest... What's the hardest thing that the human (indecipherable)...
Khabib: You think you can become judo Olympic champion is easy? [5]
Cejudo: I'm asking you, I'm asking you. All the sports that you know. What's the hardest thing a human being can do in sports, in anything? I can tell you right now Khabib, two belts... it ain't this.
Edgar: You control dudes on the ground so good. But freestyle, you don't have to control anybody on the ground. Is that from sambo? You know what I mean? I'm not talking about comparing. No, no, I'm not comparing. I'm not talking about this, I'm saying this is a totally different question. Totally different question.
Khabib: I have... But judo brother, judo is like different level. If I have chance take like judo Olympic gold medal or freestyle [6]? Please.... judo.
Usman: Wow...
Khabib: Yes, brother. Hey, I'm from Dagestan, I love freestyle wrestling. But judo is different level.
Kayla: (laughter)
Khabib: My father love judo.
Cejudo: Guys, can you believe this? Can you believe this?
Khabib: Frankie, Frankie, Frankie. No, no, I am from- Frankie, Frankie. I am from Dagestan. Everybody love freestyle wrestling. But judo, you have to- Okay. We talk about Dagestan, 3 million. But what about 7 billion people? They love judo. Judo is like different. One-hundred-seventy-six country compete in Olympic games. Freestyle wrestling, fifty-four or fifty-six.

Cejudo: What's the hardest sport? There you go, look at Khabib's hair.
(Unintelligible chatter)
Cejudo: (speaking Spanish)
Islam: Wrestling is hard, because Judo like 5 minutes nobody tired. [7]
Usman: It has to be wrestling because if you really- if you really get down to the bottom of it, there's no- there's no handicaps, there's nothing that can help you. Judo is tough as shit, but you got (you've got) the gi. You got certain things that you can manipulate, that you can be good at. You know?
Gaethje: College wrestling. I'm glad I did it but I'm glad it's over with. That shit was ridiculous. Never an easy match. Never. Triple C's calling (unintelligible) my friend.

Cejudo: Alright, get this on tape though, because you're getting--
Khabib: No no, one-hundred-- everybody knows this-- but... I love more than judo... freestyle. Freestyle is-- for me is the best.
Cejudo: King of kings.
Khabib: But, but... if you talk about truth, judo...
Cejudo: It's more participated, I getcha', is that what you're trying to say?
Khabib: No, no. Higher class. You know class? Judo class bro. My opinion. This is like, you know--
Cejudo: I disagree, and I think everybody at this table disagrees.

Kayla: If I win the PFL again this year, if I go on to make a UFC title run-- I win a UFC title and I defend it once; then he has to call me the greatest combat athlete of all time and he owes me a hundred anytime push ups. And he won't take the bet!
Cejudo: You know what, you know what; I'll take the bet but who's the greatest combat athlete of all time right now, who's the biggest combat athlete of all time right now?
Kayla: Currently?
Cejudo: Khabib.
Khabib: Daniel Cormier! (laughter) DC brother, now you know! If you don't know, now you know.

Cejudo: Who's the greatest combat athlete of all time right now?
Kayla: Hey, hey, hey. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Palmer: Yeah!
Kayla: Enjoy it while it lasts.
Palmer: You can't deny it... What?
(You gotta give it to Cejudo?)
Palmer: Oh yeah.
Khabib: She can beat your record?
Kayla: Yes!
Khabib: No, no (not) possible?
Cejudo: She has the ability, yeah. Yeah.
Khabib: Then please come down little bit. Come down! Little bit.
Cejudo: No! We get into these Twitter wars with each other. So this is good.
Khabib: Okay, right now?
Cejudo: This is good. Right now, I'm the greatest combat athlete of all time, Khabib.
Khabib: Okay, okay.
Cejudo: And I know you're humble and I know what the truth is... and I get it my brother. Alhamdulillah. But I'm the greatest combat athlete of all time my brother.
Khabib: But-- but... she can beat you. She can beat your record.
Abdelaziz: I don't know about this. She have (has) two Olympic championships, she's a world championship and she have a belt. (unintelligible)
Kayla: I'm coming for you. I'm. Coming. For. You.
Cejudo: Who's the greatest combat athlete of all time right now? That's it, just tell the camera.
Kayla: I admitted it. Right now, you are. But I just started fighting a year ago. Like, relax!
Azaitar: Alhamdulillah. Calm down. (unintelligible)
Khabib: Brother, brother. Please, brother. Two Olympic gold medal, can you imagine this? Hey, can you imagine this? Hey, you know what this is Olympic gold medal.
Cejudo: No, no for sure-- Oh-- Dude, I respect Kayla like a mother-- But, but...
Kayla: But, but, but...
Cejudo: In combat sports, she will eventually get it...
Kayla: Are you gonna take my bet or not?
Cejudo: I'll take your bet.
(cheering, unintelligible chatter)
Cejudo: Hold on, hold on.
Kayla: Shake on it mother-coo-coo. [8]
Cejudo: That's not fair now brother, cuz' if I'm the greatest combat of all time right now, big Will, what is she-- you know what I'm saying?
Kayla: I told you when I retire-- I said when I retire if I don't do my part, I'll give him five-hundred - five-hundred anytime push ups. That means he can call me at 2am and be like, "Hey, give me a push up," and I have to give him a push up. I said five-hundred to his one-hundred. Cuz' (because) I don't need his push ups. I know that I'm coming for that title. So I'll give you a thousand. I'll give you a thousand push ups.
Cejudo: God...
Kayla: I'll give you a thousand pushups.
Cejudo: Alhamdulillah! (laughter)
Kayla: Cuz' I know I'm coming!
Cejudo: Hold on, hold on. Hold on, no.
Kayla: Do you see what I mean? Do you see what I mean? This is what I mean. He's the king of cringe online. He's the king of cringe online. He's all talk online. It's all talk.
Cejudo: You know what, let's do it.
Kayla: Oh, thank the lord! Here we go, you all saw this.
Cejudo: Right there.
Kayla: (I'm coming)
Cejudo: (This is mine)

Cejudo: Who is the greatest combat athlete of all time?
Khabib: Yes. Olympic champion, UFC-- I agree, right now...
Cejudo: So everybody takes that as a joke... But dude. Facts are facts, man. Bend the knee.
Khabib: But DC, please. You have time, brother. You have like... you (you're) only 50 years old? Please. Let's go brother, Olympic Games, take the medal. (laughter)
Cejudo: You see that? Christians and Muslims man, you see we can shake hands...

Some things to note:
- A lot of Khabib & Azaitar's grammar is quite broken due to them speaking English as a second language.
- Most of the people in the video are speaking very casually and colloquially, so a lot of what they're saying is technically not grammatically correct, but would be a common way of speaking between close friends & family. Perhaps more with men than women, but it will depend on the person.
[1] Here Cejudo is referring to a specific wrestling competition, but I'm not sure which in particular. "BSCE" is just an approximation.
[2] The correct way to say this number would be "one hundred and seventy-six."
[3] "I have a good idea, brother. We have enough space here, let's let them fight and see which is better." This would be more grammatically correct.
[4] "He only talks to this table. Please, go to the other table and talk."
[5] "Do you think becoming an Olympic judo champion is easy?"
[6] "But judo is on a different level. If I had to choose between a judo or wrestling Olympic gold medal?"
[7] "Wrestling is hard. It's tiring. In judo nobody is tired after 5 minutes."
[8] "Mother," short for "motherfucker." "Coo-coo" meaning "crazy".


Nov. 21, 2020

I've gotten started on the first minute. I'm planning to translate the rest throughout the week. Feel free to let me know if anything is unclear. Thanks.

Nov. 21, 2020

Also, very cool to see another UFC fan on here. :)

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