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English Script Request

Complete / 757 Words
by jannr -

Opeh 2008 {Text]
--Hi, Michael.
--How are you doing now.
--Good, thanks.
--I feel pretty good. ..?..
--That's nice.
--Is it hard now, touring?
--Eh..No, not very hard. It's as it always is. But it got a little bit harder for me...because my kids. I have two kids now. I just had...My youngest is a year old, so..It's kind of rough to be out on tour and you call home and your wife is like busting at the seams, you know, staying at home while I'm on tour and having a few beers on tour, but you know, but it's cool.I like playing shows.
--Is this for you now because you have two kids? Do you enjoy the shows now, or is it hard?
--The shows..The shows I always enjoy them. I don't enjoy tours. I don't enjoy the traveling. I wish I could fast forward the day and the day after the show, so we could just get it done.

by Jana -

--Well do you, do you play your tours now... less long now? Because you, well you... you have children now?
--No. We should. I think I... I think uh...
--I told, uh, our management after the last US tour we did, because it was over six weeks long, which is a bit too much for me now. I said uh, okay, we should do it four weeks tops, you know. Because it's a little bit too much. But uh, as I said, we did the six week tour, you know. And we were offered a long tour that didn't happen, which I'm kind of happy to, um... So, it's rough being away.

by Jana -

--Yeah. So is it, uh... Well is your, your oldest child uh... Are they aware that... what daddy is doing already, or...?
--Yeah, Melinda's pretty, uh, she knows. I took her to our rehearsal just before this tour.
--And what...?
--She was dancing, and she knows I'm in a band and she knows all the guys and they... She knows what they're doing, but she has a little bit of a problem comprehending when I call home and she's like, "Where are you?" and I say "I'm on a bus" all the time, and I say "I'm sleeping on a bus," and she's like... And if we're in America, because of the time difference, it's morning over there while it's night in America. And she's like... She don't understand when I say "I'm going to bed now," because she just got up. So some parts, I don't think she understands at all. But uh, she's been to a few shows.
--And do you think they like the music?
--Yeah, yeah. But at that age, you know, you're like... any music.
--Okay. Um... In our previous interview, um, well we spoke about, uh, let me say the Peter Lindgren (?) tape.
--Um, What are your thoughts now on that interview?

by davidpbell -

--I think it was pretty profound…the response I saw from the fans was really good, you know, some said it was the best interview they had ever seen, and obviously it was a bit…it was very open, you know, I was very tired from that time, and I guess I didn’t expect your questions like that, but I didn’t expect wanting to answer them in the way I did. But it’s nothing, it’s nothing I regret, you know, I don’t think it put a negative light on Peter at all, you know. I think it was, it was a good interview, you know
--Because you are on the forum, you also participated? Did you talk to Peter about this already?
--No, no I expect him to see it, and he did an interview, like, recently but not on film…uh…so uh…I would expect his…checking it out, you know, but it’s not something that’s going to come like a surprise to him, you know, it’s something that we already talked about.
--Yeh, that’s true. And…um…are you staying in touch now?
--Yes, but it’s rare, you know because I’m so busy, I don’t really…I can’t…it’s hard for me to stay in touch with anyone, you know, even with my family sometimes. I’m in interviews now and right about now my youngest daughter is going to bed and, you know, it’s…when you’re on tour it’s really hard to stay in touch with any one, and my only priority is my family, to be honest.
--Well it’s good to hear that you don’t have any regrets because, ah…
--No, I think it was a good interview…


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