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English Script Request

Complete / 1038 Words
by ddraiggoch88 -

A: Alright, we've gone through the heavy headlines. Now - let's go through some of the more fun financial headlines - uh - with Dimitri Kafinis (sp?), our producer extraordinaire, as well as Shanon Donahoe, our producer in the control room, who is multi-tasking over there.

Alright. So - first of all, we were talking about 'Occupy Wall Street', it is their 42nd day, and they have also set a new precedent. Google searches for 'Occupy Wall Street' have now surpassed that of the Tea Party for the first time in the US. On September 24th, they're remained higher ever since.

So, this doesn't surprise me. The Tea Party's been old news. Why wouldn't OWS be surpassing them in Google searches.

B: Oh, I don't think it has to do with that. I think it has to do with - look - I mean, the Tea Party - they're kindof - they're a vestige of an older time. They're hanging onto kinda that Tea Party Rebellion that happened in Boston.

A: In Boston?

B: Right.

A: That was forever ago.

B: Right. That's what it's kinda - based in *laughs*.

[Stopped transcribing at 1:00 mark]

by tobuei -

A: But wall streets are like these you know they're new they're hip, the crowd they have a lot of hackers with them so it makes sense that they would be able to understand you know the internet and search technology and kind of hit these tea partiers hard there could be-

B: oh oh so you're saying this is about their knowledge about web search analytics.

A: Absolutely

B: that they have done this by some kind of tricky way

A: No I'm just saying that they know how to market themselves well they... they're savvy web guys, i mean the tea party look, they have lawn chairs and plastic cups and signs saying Obama care but the these guys on occupy wall street they are like the tech savvy guys they're from like that movie with ummm... i don't remember.

B: I love how you are sitting here characterizing tea partiers and occupy wall street protesters when earlier you were bagging on people for doing that but we won't bring that into here. shannon do you have anything to add?

C: Not really I am pretty much good lets move on

B:Okay lets move on because there was a story in the financial times that we got talking about earlier today cause it was talking about relationships ahh... when personnel get personal

[stopped transcribing at 1:59 mark]

by raj50 -

B:...and the creative director of Gucci, and the CEO of Gucci are in a relationship. And so they were kind of talking about how corporations are in this sticky area of navigating personal relationships among executives. In some situations, an executive gets fired for an affair, because of embarrassing the company, and there's a lot of gray area; a lot of the people that the article went to, at corporations, to find out about their rules about this, their...

[stopped at 2:26]

by danieru -

...plans, they didn't exactly have one or they were kind of hesitant to tell them what they were - why do you think that is?

I don't know but I think there's a blatant case of discrimination, I feel like you know men get reprimanded when they engage in these sorts of affairs in the workplace. But women are allowed to use that as an opportunity.

Well maybe if women had more affairs then you would hear more stories about women executives that were getting in these situations and getting fired.

Exactly! Exactly Dimitri. Women are smart - they don't get caught. Men get caught.

Oh, I see. Alright, then I appreciate the clarification. I didn't realize that so I stand corrected. In which case women are just more effective at kind of weaseling their way around the work area, is that what you're saying? Kind of...

I don't know where Shannon's getting these facts. That sounds really arbitrary to me. I don't know, I don't know a lot of female executives that have gotten into scandals. I think men tweeting pictures and that sort of thing probably gives credence to what your saying, Shannon, because they're not very, ah... discreet.

Alright, so, umm... then I guess where are we going with this?

I don't know where we're going with this. I don't know, should executives be able to date? Do you see any problem with that? You know, the C.E.O. and the head of another division dating.

Well she's a creative director so I'm sure that he helps her creativity.

by danieru -

[stopped at 3:44]

by erik -

Oh, you think it makes her more creative.

I think it helps her be more creative.

I think she probably helps him run the business a little bit better, because women have more sense in many regards.

They are better managerially, that's absolutely true.

Ok, we gotta move on. So, this, you know, we hear from the Fed, that getting lower rates is gonna help people refinance. But real quickly, this guy had a $60 overdue fee, and because of it, it was on his credit, he couldn't get a refinance loan on his home. Does this just, is this ridiculous?

I mean, Air Buddy probably cost less than $60 to make, or 100K or whatever it was that this guy couldn't get a credit on. I think that, I mean, thats probably just an excuse for the bank not to extend loans, they don't wanna extend any money. I think that movie was a disaster, I don't know anyone that went to see Air Buddies, it was a disaster, I think that's the real story here.

Oh, the real story is Air Buddies.

I think it's a big cover-up so that people, so that Disney can kind of put this into the deep shelves of their tape room and just forget about it forever. Look at this guy with the glasses over here. He looks like a thug, he's got a big B, a shiny B full of diamonds.

He's the pimp air buddy, he's the pimp air buddy that made this guy not be able to get a home loan. Uh, we'll leave you at that.


Dec. 30, 2011

Thank you guys for transcribing this video. I truly appreciate it, because it is a great studying material.

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