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English Script Request

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by crystal84 -

Hello, my name is Peter Carroll, and I'm one of the co-founders of Today I want to show you how you can use to get a native speaker of a foreign language to transcribe audio or even a YouTube video in their foreign [I think you mean "native"?] language. You may want to have this audio or YouTube video transcribed because you are studying a foreign language, and you want to improve your listening skills, or to practice shadowing native speakers, or maybe you just want to understand what the speaker is saying because he speaks very quickly.

First, I will show you how to get a YouTube video transcribed. Find a YouTube video in your language of interest. Here I've found a video in Icelandic that I would like transcribed. Highlight the url in your browser's address bar and hit Ctrl-C to copy it, or you can right-click with your mouse and choose to copy it that way. On a Macintosh computer, you will instead use Command C to copy, or select Copy from the Edit menu. Now, back to, where you can see I am already logged in. To submit a transcription request, click on submit at the top center of the page. On this page, I will click on "Script Request" because I am requesting a script to be made from a YouTube video. Here I enter a title, and select which language the video is in. In this case, it's Icelandic. Now I paste the YouTube video url with Ctrl-V, or by clicking the right mouse button and selecting Paste. On a Macintosh, you need to use Command V or select Paste from the Edit menu. Finally, we enter some tags related to this video. And click on the "Create" button. Our script request is done, and now a native speaker of Icelandic can transcribe this video for us.

What if you have an mp3 file in a foreign language that you want transcribed? RhinoSpike can handle that, too. Let's say you have an mp3 file with foreign language audio that you would like transcribed. Here I have one in Spanish. The process to get this file uploaded to RhinoSpike for transcription is similar to what we just did for a YouTube video.

On, we're once again going to click on "Submit", and then "Script Request". Once again, I'll enter the title, and select the language - in this case it's Spanish. And I'm going to click on "Choose File", or on some browsers, this may be "Browse". And I'm going to select the file, ...and then I'm going to add some more tags, ...and click "Create". Since I'm uploading an mp3 file from my computer, this can take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on my internet connection speed and the size of the mp3 file. Now that my upload is complete, native speakers of Spanish can now transcribe the audio for us.

Thank you for using to help with your foreign language audio and transcription needs. I hope this video was helpful and informative. Feel free to contact us using the "Feedback" link located on the left side of Or email us at You can follow RhinoSpike on Twitter or on FaceBook to get the latest news about On Twitter the account to follow is @Rhino_Spike, and on FaceBook, visit


Sept. 5, 2015

I would like to know what equipment I will need in order to use RhinoSpike.
many thanks

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