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English Script Request

Complete / 198 Words
by Saruokiko -

Hello everyone, this is [his name] from Wabs talk. Today I'll be telling you some important steps to improve your English speaking skills. The first one is confidence. You must have a good confidence to be a good English speaker, all the great ones around the world have one thing in common and that is their amazing confidence. So believe in your abilities and prove yourself, that you have something in you. So have confidence. Second thing, make English your habit. It's very important. To learn something, you need to be passionate about, about that thing. So whatever you read, whatever you speak, whatever you write, do all these things in English. Read English newspapers, watch English news channels, English movies, talk to your friends in English, call to customer care. So do everything in English. This is very important. The last one, visit often. This is a very very useful site. This site provides you with important grammar and speaking lessons from which you can learn a lot of things. So if you are a frequent visitor of this website, you are surely going to learn a lot of things. That's all for today. Thank you.


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