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English Script Request

Complete / 490 Words
by Hidey -

Not saying that I've done that (at) all but maybe the more I do that, the more chance I have of eventually making a unique record. If I make a unique record, that's it I'm done - like Marvin Gaye. There were other fantastic records at the time but they weren't unique. He made a really personal record and it's like wow that's what you actually think.
You know? He's a legend. That's why I changed from electronic music to this kinda music because I was sitting in my studio just kinda thinking..listening to a Square Pusher record...thinking I want to make electronic music with a singer on it. That's what Groove Armada's doing. That's what Lemon Jelly is doing. They've got much bigger studios than me. We've got the same equipment - an effects unit, a sampler, a desk, a Mac. We do a bit of DJ'ing
I'm the same as all these other people but I haven't got the kit, the money or the time that they've got. In electronic music the only original people I can think of are people like Aphex Twin or Square Pusher- who are crazy Mozart like geniuses. I'm not going to be able to compete forever because I don't have the same equipment as them. It's difficult to be unique when everyone has got the same equipment.If there was a festival where all 20 people were playing acoustic guitar, it'd be really boring.
There might be one or two guitarists or musicians who do something different. There might be guitarists or singers who do something completely different and they're the ones who are going to stand out. They're the ones you're going to buy.
Everyone's unique, the more of that you can get into the music, the more chance you have of doing something unique.
We hate the old album because the new album is loads better. We can't think of any other record that's similar to this.
When do you think you're going to stop? When do you think you're going to stop doing this?
When nobody buys a record anymore. When we get bored of it, I'm loving it now but in 5 years time, who knows what I'm going to feel like. Playing music is the most important thing to me. Life has a habit of making you think differently all the time. I hope it's not next year..but maybe in 3 or 4 years time. One day I might think I hate music and I want to work with the children in Africa. Everything you do in your life you've got to tick the box. You've really got to tick it. I could give up DJ'ing because I've played in Europe, London a million times. When I've ticked them off I can say I'm done.
I've still got a long way to go, I want to play at Glastonbury. I'm not addicted to it, I just love it.


March 19, 2012

Thank you!

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