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English Script Request

Complete / 229 Words
by thatlumberjack -

Man: And in many ways, the place that we're standing in is a kind of heart of empire. This particular part of London has echoes that run right the way back to empirial Rome. Both the Victorian memorial, and Trafalgar Square have been described as the heart of empire, have been thought of as centers of empire.

Woman: Something else. I heard that, but I couldn't say anymore. The mistress walked past the window and gave me a look. We slaves learn to read every look and gesture, and this one suggested that if I didn't stop talking, I'd be feeling the whip.

Man: I want to show them. Listen to me. I know what I'm doing, and you're going to... Claudia, where are you going?

Woman: Back to the villa, our master and mistress are not that kind, but you're being no better than a bully. (sigh) Just listen to yourself, listen. You're so full of anger, what good will it do you?
Setting fire to the buildings won't help us escape. It'll just make you feel better.

Man: You don't understand.

Woman: No, Felix, you don't understand. Because you won't feel better, it'll make you more angry. And if, if we're going to run away together, don't you ever talk to me like that again. Now, are we escaping, or am I going back to the villa?


Jan. 14, 2012

Hello, friends,I'm Juampy725663:
Here there are 4 different audios which have been joined, so:
If you want “don’t write everything”, but the important is that I want to know what it says [into the brackets], so please write on the gaps.
1)“Is a kind of [……….] of the empire”.
2)“Has been described as the [….…..] of the empire”
3)“Learnt to read every look and [……...] and…. I’ll be feeling the [……...]
4)“Back to the [….…]

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