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English Script Request

Complete / 125 Words
by iyavor -

Hey everyone, it's Jemma here... You've just joined me as I've finally finished putting up the tent in the garden... Ah, it's taken me hours, I banged my fingers trying to put the tent pegs in...then the pole fell down on my head...the cover almost blew away, and then I went out, came back, and found a dog sleeping inside my tent... I mean what's that all about? Ah, I can't wait to get inside, and get all camping cozy... Ah, what? Ahh it's starting to rain...and hard... right better get inside my tent...Ah, haha, that's better... oh no! Ah, my tent's blown away! I better get inside the house before I get soaked through...come in a join me for a.. this week's together...hurry! Together...


Dec. 9, 2011

She talks very fastly for me, I can understand something but not everything. Thank you.

Dec. 12, 2011

She's also got a heavy English accent. But it should be clearer now, I hope... (even I had to struggle a bit, and this is my mother tongue!!)

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