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English Script Request

Complete / 552 Words
by jokeeffe 0:00 - 3:09

- Hey.
- Hey Slash, welcome to my show.
- What's happening? Sorry I don't have any clothes on, it's early in the morning. I have a shirt though, I forgot to put it on.
- Well Slash, I've got a contest, we've got a contest for Guns N' Roses, so, this one's for Japanese kids arts school, so, could you [pick up?] [four?] winners?
- What, the best one?
- Yes.
- Out of all of them? Out of all of these?
- No, how about, you special?
- OK, um...
- You know, what's funny one, and good one, so, you know... could you get some comment each one?
- This one [that's my tat?] this one's really good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, that's really good.
- Because it actually looks like me.
- Um, this one, this one, oops...
- This one, right?
- Yeah... It's stuck... Oops, did I f*** it up?
- No
- Alright, that's brilliant
- Yeah, you like this?
- Yeah, that's really cool... I get to keep this, right?
- No problem
- Yeah, yeah?
- No problem, you keep this
- That's f***ing cool, that's so cool, alright, um...
- So how about a last one?
- Um, let's see...
- Which one so funny?
- This one, thank you very much, um, and, this one right here
- Oh yeah?
- That's pretty good
- OK great
- That right there is really cool, I'm gonna get a tattoo out of that...
- Yeah
- That's amazing!
- [inaudible] something like a [inaudible design [inaudible] I think, something like a...
- Can I keep this one too?
- No, no problem if you want
- But that one's really good - I mean...
- It's cool, right?
- I mean, just for, for, you know, it's- whoever did it is really talented, it is really good.
- [inaudible]
- Yeah, I mean my jacket and stuff, I have the jacket in my, in my room, I mean yeah, this, this right here, I, you know, this is perfect...
- Oh yeah
- Anyway, all right, so...
- Right, could you some, you know, the, message to viewers?
- Message to viewers? Just keep it up, why don't you send this stuff across to the States, it's like, I'd put it up in my apartment, you know?
- It's great
- Anyway... What do I say?
- So, also, how was the Japanese audience at the concert?
- The best
- Is there any difference between the American audience and the Japanese audience?
- It's like night and day, I mean, it's quiet during the songs, and then they make a lot of noise, you know, it's different, it's a different experience. That's the most I can say, it's great, you know, you go out, and they're just so enthusiastic...No, it's cool.
- [inaudible] interest in Japan?
- Yeah, I'm having a ball...
- It's fun?
- Yeah, sake's great!
- Sake's great! Please don't carry too much drink, you know, sake's very strong!
- Yeah, I know, I like it a lot, I like, the more I drink, the more I like it, but, you know...
- All right, all right, thank you very much.
- Nice meeting you, all right


April 15, 2023

THANK YOU!!! *-*

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