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English Script Request

Complete / 743 Words
by Owain78 0:00 - 0:05:49

....Hey David, how are yah?
Welcome to my show.

Alright well this is cool.

Yeah we gotta context know...[unintelligible "Gangs"? "Guns"?]...would you pick out two winners?

Aw yeah, this is great. Can we keep some of these? Oh, man.

So we know...[unintelligible] and you know...[unintelligible "from kiss"? "kids"?] this one's, you know...

And they're drawings?

Yeah, I dunno it's drawings, you know...


Paintings and stuff.

There, that's it right here.

This one's great.

That's my favourite one right there. That's incredible. Sharp! Great.

Alright, ok.

That's sharp. That's a good one.

How 'bout this? Slash picked this one.

That little one's Slash right there?

Yeah, Slash picked that one.

That's great. That's great. Ok that one too.


Me too. Now, I...That's great.


Hey! Isn't that great? Look at the Doc...Look at doctor...oooh...Doctor...[unintelligible]...

Do the arms move and sh*t there?

There you have it.

Oooh, pick my nose.

There you go.

Touch yourself.


So doc could you pick out the winner?

Ok of mine?

Yeah. Mind, and also the band one...[unintelligible]...

I look like speed racer here.

This is a painting doc.

Oh yeah.

Yeah paint.

Look at that it's a painting.

I know it's very intense.

I'd pick that one it's a great one.

Wish I looked that good, you know.

This one...and...That one.

Ok, this one the judge...[unintelligible]...

I like this one the best.

This one.

I like this one the best.

This one?


And this one. Oh look at this one of Slash.

It's cool.

It's cool isn't it?

Yeah, it's cool. I mean other ones a lot more work went into...and I appreciate it you know, but ahh...that one's like artistically-wise the coolest thing here.

This one, right?


Oh, right. Ok.

What do I know about art, you know?

Ok, Now I'm gonna...[unintelligible "pat"? "pick out"?]...Izzy's.

Easy one.

I know which one he'd like.

This one.

...[unintelligible "96"?]...


That's cool.

So could you some message...[unintelligible "your views"?]...

Oh wow.

I appreciate all the hard work that's went into it. Err...for us to pick just one of them is kinda hard. And...So wish we could pick all of them.


How about you?

I...I just think they're all wonderful. I wanna take 'em all home with me.


You know Japanese fan loves guns so you know everybody...

That's good. Everybody. Alright.

This one, right?


Ok, thank you.

Thank you that's great. Thank you very much.



Take care.

Thank you.


I figured Izzy would've picked this one so I just picked it.

Oh and that tattoo one the one I wanna make a tattoo out of. Down there.

That's f*cking insane there. That like wins the contest for the best done one.

Yeah, it's really good.

The jacket Slash!

I know! The Guns and Roses on the jacket.

Look at your shirt here where the chain is.


It's a picture. It's a photograph,'s f*cking...they did a killer job

Talk to Robert, it'd blow his mind.

Can you call them?

Actually, you gotta look at yours.

I will. I will. I don't wanna...just see everything else

Mr disproportion here!


I really like that. That's insane. It's so sick looking. I should do my hair with that washout black stuff one night and put your lipstick on and stuff. Oh here we look like we were in a bad f*cking war.

It's f*cking gnarly.

It is! It's so f*cking rad.

Okay...[unintelligible "let's get outta here"?]...

I'm reading a book here...I don't understand this one.

That's not you. You know what? Isn't it...[unintelligible]...

Yeah it might be but don't that look like old...

You know what that looks like to me?

Speed racers?

It looks like the f*cking old rose f*cking Hollywood rose fire that we did with Tracy Guns, we had the blow dryer and we were in the bathroom...


Ah yeah, right, but Slash wasn't in it though.

...[unintelligible "threw it together"?]...

I figure we'd changed or something.


That's amazing.

I think that's the best erm one...What did you pick Slash?

I liked the right...big red thing.

It's f*cking sick.

I looked at it. I looked at everything else, I...

Yeah, that was the one I picked so...

...and this one...

I like this one a lot.

No, it's nice the drawings really good, but that one's like hard, yeah.

Same with me, it was like...I picked the one that I thought was...



May 30, 2022

Done, dude. Hope it helps. Some parts are very unclear, but I did my best!

See you on the next one and keep rocking ;)

May 30, 2022

That's right! Thank you!
Well, absolutely no problem! Some unintelligible parts are just the names of the band members. I'm very grateful for your help 🙏

(I'm a girl, haha)

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