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English Script Request

Complete / 128 Words
by efwoodcock 0:00 - 0:00:42

Hi, nice to meet you, how are you?
My name is Emilie and I'm thirty-two years old.
How old are you?
I come from France but I live in Cincilla. It's in Australia.
I have been learning English for two month* now.
Now I would like to improve my pronunciation and my spoken English.
I am single. I don't have any children.
I am an occupational therapist. I work for a company named CMS.
What do you do for a living?

*more than one month is monthS, but this was the only grammatical error in the whole clip. Your accent is clearly French but your English is completely understandable, and the accent is very beautiful. Congratulations on being this good in only two months, keep going :)


Aug. 2, 2020

The only obvious thing is the consonants at end of words:

There is only one point where there is an real mispronounce, that is "I have been learinging English for 2 months now" -- you say "2 month" without the s sound.

Maybe similar, "named" sounds almost like "name" -- we usually articulate consonants on the end of words.

And in "What do you do for a living", the "t" in what is soft/blends into the following "d", so it sounds almost like "whad do you do"

In " I come from France" the the vowel sound isn't quite right -- pants, France hand, mansion -- all have the same sound -- I think more open, and toungue a bit further back, your sounded to me like "Friends" withouth the "d"


It is impressive you can sounds so good after just 2 month -- are you taking an intensive class? You are easily understood.

THis was filed under transcription request, but you don't need it transcribed, right (I mean, you don't have any use for someone typing in what you said?)

Aug. 5, 2020

Thank you for your comment. I’m going to practice what you said. I follow a Masterclass with MosaLingua and I went to live in Australia 3 months ago. I am not comfortable with the site yet lol no I don’t need transcription.

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