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English Script Request

Complete / 508 Words
by huntbot -

Ok we're at the Sony booth, and we're gonna take a look at the "Xperia" Smarttags. So give us an idea what it is, and how it's useful.

Ok so the Smarttags are - actually can be used on any Android phones that have the NFC feature. Uh, there's a widget here that you see on the home screen. Uh, when you click the widget it shows the different tags. You can re-title any of these tags, so for instance instead of car, if you wanted it to say motorcycle or boat, you could actually just click it, customize it.

Also when you do that you can see the actions that are available for that tag. Um, if you click "add action," you can add any of these actions here associated with the tag.

So, for instance, you can see I'm in the office right, if I tap the bedroom tag, it'll start running through a list of pre-defined things that I've set it to do: maybe lower my volume, launch my alarm clock - things that I would normally do to my phone while I was in the bedroom.

Start bedroom, start application, and what are some of the things that it can do?

Um, I will show you the-the-the list here - so these are - the - the complete list right some may add by know, but I always launch my bluetooth when I get in the car, I always start my-my GPS navigation, my mp3 player, so versus going through and doing those one by one, I can actually just tap the phone at the tag, maybe hang it on my rear view mirror, put my phone in the cradle, and then just let it do the the settings itself.

Beautiful. And is there a limited number of settings you can have, or...?

Um, just-just these are the ones that are available now, associated with the widget, so...

But you're not limited to the same five?

No. No, you can actually choose all of these on here, yeah. So...and then another one that I always mention - I mean some people have parents like mine - they call me and say "Hey, how do I get to the photos on my phone again?" That's another reason I would use it and say "Go tap the red tag." and then just have it preset for something that maybe I get a lot of questions on, so...

Very cool. And why did you design this?

Um...basically to make the smartphone a little bit more user friendly, and just to kind's a, it's a, it's a good little NFC (?) uh companion to the

Right. And when's - when's it gonna be available, and where is it gonna be available?

It's gonna be second order,(?) and it's gonna be between 25 and 30 US dollars for the pack of four. Um, it may launch with the Xperia S, but it's still undetermined right now.

Okay. Perfect. Thank you.

Alright. Yep!


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