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English Script Request

Complete / 424 Words
by tmclernon 0:00 - 2:28

Governor: Good evening Gressom. So what have you been doing since we last met?

Gressom: why corblimey governor. I left the cheese and kisses in the god forbids and rat and mouse, took Flander and dabbed on the frog and toad, but I had a very pleasant pint of pig's ear and a large pimple and blodge.

Governor: You've been down to the east end again haven't you Gressom?

Gressom: you've tumbled me

Governor: what's it like?

Gressom: well, rather like this

Film narrator: slum housing is the order of the day in the east end and the people like it that way. Of course, you and I might think they'd be happier in nice houses like ours, but top scientists have proved that if you give a working man a nice house, he'll quickly let it fall into a state of filth and depravity.That's how he likes it.

working man in film: those west end do-gooders theys have gived us a perishing inside toilet now.

2nd working man in film: Inside toilet? I ain't never not heard of one of them nor I ain't no know nothing. As you knows, I doesn't know its. Mind if I pop outside and foul your pavement?

1st working man: sure

2nd working man: ta very much

Film narrator:their .....habits may be disgusting, but the east-enders are famous for their vibrant street-life and friendly community spirit.

1 of 2 men fighting: eh, you dirty rotter you caught me in the Queensbury's.

2nd of 2 men fighting: this ain't a drunken brawl Sid

Together: haigh

Film narrator: On Saturday nights Sidney and his wives can be found in the local parlour drinking gin and singing poor quality songs, or at the musical viewing of Algresse (?) But not everyone has tonight off. Indeed for this lady of ill repute it's her busiest night of the week.

Man approaching woman: Hello ninny, whatcha charging tonight, then?

Woman: 6-pence half penny for acts of appalling depravity, 1-and-6 to fuddle duddle with me whatchamacallits and 2 schillings to waddle up me whoopsy-daisy.

Man: what do I get for tuppance?

Woman calling out: MOM!

Governor: There been something that I've always wanted to know Gressom: do the working classes in the east end smell?

Gressom: yes,most frightfully

Governor: thank you, you've reassured me. I won't go there.Goodnight Gressom

Gressom: Goodnight Mr.Cholmondley Warner, or should I say ta-ra governor?

Governor: no

NOTE: I missed 2-3 words that I can't hear/understand


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