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English Script Request

Complete / 221 Words
by FLeo 0:00 - 2:09

And then there's a big explosion
and lots of bubbles.

That's where babies come from.


Oh, well, close enough.

I did the math once.

It turns out every 17.4 dinners

my family actually has
a pleasant meal together.

Hey, look at this.

I made a pea angel.

Oh, you're a pea angel.

Stop playing with your food.


Oh, Mom...

Don't you dare.

Relax, I wasn't really going to.

Then don't.

I wasn't going to.

Then don't.

Well, don't accuse me of something
that I wasn't going to do.

Interesting mood shift.

It would take hours to explain
the psychology behind this.

So let me just put it this way:


kid with matches.

You're going to throw that at Mom?

I wasn't going to.

Jeez Louise. Reese...

Hal, I can handle this.

Reese, I'm warning you.

I wasn't going to.

But if you think I would,
then maybe I should.

Oh, good.
Now he's panicking.

Just put the spoon down and apologize.

Okay, she gave him an out.

Apologize for what?
I wasn't going to do anything.

Just stop talking!
Just stop talking and let me think!

Dad, do something.

I got it.

What do you think you're doing?

I'm being cute and spontaneous?



Don't do it.

I wasn't going to.

Yep, this is a good dinner.


Sept. 30, 2020

Hello! I'm missing some words, could someone help me?

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