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English Audio Request

697 Words / 1 Recordings / 3 Comments
Note to recorder:

Hi, I came to this site because I needed the help of English speakers for my project.

When I search online, I can't really find many resources for Japanese people to learn English. I am learning Japanese and I'm trying to help my Japanese friend (and hopefully others) to learn English. He has very scarce free time while commuting to his Web Design job in Tokyo. Most Japanese people are really really busy so they don’t have time to study.

I used a very nice Anki flash cards deck I had used in the past. It has words, example sentences, pictures, and audio. I had to make many changes to it so that Japanese students of English can use it. I can do everything other than the audio recordings for the vocabulary and sentences. I even did that but its not good enough at all.

What I need is an American English speaker (preferably a Female) to read these and record the audio. I will then remove background noise, cut the audio, insert the audio clips in the Anki deck, and upload it to the Shared Decks library (with proper TAGS and Description) so that everyone can find and use it.

Its free, and I will credit you in the description as well.

p.s. I split the list into two parts. This is Part 1 of 2

If you decide to record this then please strike two pens or pencils together after you finish reading each line. This should really help me cut the audio while editing.

Also, try to really pronounce words and don't speak fast. Most of these people don't have enough listening practice, they will stop learning if they don't understand the audio.

that, that one.
That's a really nice story.
see, look at
I like looking at pictures.
Draw a big circle there.
lots of.
house, home.
Please come over to my house.
this, this one.
I'll have this please.
I will go.
work, job.
I have a lot of work in March.
begin, start.
Please start the test.
He became a doctor.
do, make.
go out, leave.
I left the house early this morning.
Please use this computer.
I stayed at my friend's place for the night.
I think so too.
have, possess
I have a car.
time, hour
I don't have time now.
this year.
I want to travel to Italy this year.
No one knows that story.
make, create.
I'm making breakfast now.
same, identical.
His Japanese level is about the same as mine.
He's studying now.
Construction will continue until March.
yet, more
Let's do our homework together.
My boss said Let's have a drink.
few, little.
There's not much rain this year.
I've decided to go back to my country.
high, tall
This is the tallest building in town.
think, consider
Please think carefully.
feel, sense
I feel a pain in my knee.
child, kid.
Kids were making a lot of noise in the train.
in such manner, that way.
That's what I think too.
university, college.
already, yet.
He's already gone home.
near, close to
I ate near the station.
put in.
He put the appointment book in his bag.
He's a serious student.
afternoon, p.m.
A guest is coming to visit tomorrow afternoon.
Her hair is very long.
book, volume
I bought one book.
She often goes on holiday.
she, one's girlfriend
She's an office worker.
She's listening to the radio.
how, what.
What do you think?
live (one's life)
They're all living their lives the best way that they can.
He wiped his face with a towel.
Where did you put that book?
one (thing).
Please give me one of those.
I will give you this book.
such, this kind of.
I can't read such small letters.
School starts at 8:30
be given.
My friend gave me a birthday present.
get up, get out of bed
I get up at six o'clock every morning.
It's warm this spring, isn't it.
morning, a.m.
And now for the 9.00 a.m. news.
I bought a stamp at the post office.
another, different.
finish, end
I haven't finished my homework yet.
The conference ends at four o'clock.
He's still young.
fairly, rather.
He's pretty good at English.
He put the bag on the chair.
live, reside.
He lives near his office.
return, turn back
I'm going back to the office now.
I saw a movie after work.
I want to become an English teacher.
stand, rise
He stood on stage.
He's unexpectedly timid.
call, name.
Let's call the waiter.
Please come closer.
I want to go to college and study more.
return, go back.
Let's go home.
I don't understand his feelings.
A bird is flying.
car, automobile
His car is new.
My younger brother bought a car.
I changed our travel schedule.
wide, big.
His house is very big.
I don't understand the meaning of this word.
There are not enough glasses.
near, soon
Every night he runs three kilometers.
He sold the house.
It's a pleasant morning.
teach, tell
He teaches mathematics.
Let's walk to the station.
at once, soon
I'll go right away.
Let's meet again.
My room is on the second floor.
There was a major incident in town.
autumn, fall
This book is difficult.
I sent a package to his house.
ride, take.
Please take a taxi from the station.
inexpensive, cheap.
These clothes were very cheap.
I wrote him a letter.
I spoke to my mother on the phone.
I've had a headache since this morning.
body, health.
I'm physically strong.
The station is near here.


  • Japanese People Can't Learn English Because Its Too Inconvenient, Lets Do Something! Part 1 ( recorded by lor618909 ), West Coast(US)

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July 20, 2014

Sorry for making some mistakes. I tried to be as correct as possible.

As a child, I had a speech impediment(also known as a lisp) because I never learned how to make the "sssssss"(like a snake) sound with my mouth until I was 12 years old. I needed to be shown how to move my tongue in order to learn it. Sometimes I still make this mistake. If you listen closely, you can hear when I switched the "sss" and "shhhh" sounds. Then I said the word or sentence again to be correct.

If you want, you can tell this story to your friends learning English. It might make them feel better that even native English speakers have trouble learning pronunciation.

July 20, 2014

wow, you are so nice. thank you so much !!

I think i should tell your story to my friends because pronunciation is the main thing that they struggle with when they are learning English. They're embarrassed because they think that they don't sound normal so they quit trying.

I think your story will help them a lot ^_^

Aug. 20, 2014

Yay, its finally complete (v^_^)/
Thanks for recording the audio for me. I included your username in the description of the shared study deck on Anki. I hope many people download and use it. I think your voice will really help them.

Here's the link:


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