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English Audio Request

309 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

If you could read the way you'd read this story to a child - neither fast nor slow.
Thanks a lot.

Winnie the Witch loved to look through her telescope at the night sky.
It was huge and dark and mysterious. "I'd love to go into space, Wilbur," Winnie would say. "It would be such a big adventure."
Wilbur, Winnie's big black cat, loved to be outside at night too. He liked to chase moths and bats and shadows.
That was enough adventure for Wilbur.
Then one night, when the Moon and stars were bright, Winnie suddenly said, "Let's go into space right now, Wilbur!"
"Meeow?" said Wilbur.
"But how will we get there?" wondered Winnie. "We need a rocket, and I don't have a rocket." Then she looked up at the Moon, and she had a wonderful idea.
She waved her magic wand, shouted, Abracadabra!
... and there, on the roof, was a rocket. Winnie packed a picnic basket, got her Big Book of Spells, just in case, and ran up the stairs with Wilbur.
Winnie shut her eyes, waved her magic wand, and shouted, Abracadabra! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
The rocket shot off the roof into space. It went very fast. And it was hard to steer.
"Oops!" Winnie nearly flew into a satellite.
"Oops! Was that a flying saucer?"
"Oops! That was a falling star, Wilbur!"
"Meeow!" said Wilbur. He put paws over his eyes.
"We'll find a lovely planet for our picnic, Wilbur," Winnie said.
Wilbur peeped out from behind his paws. There were little planets everywhere.
"Here's a sweet little planet," Winnie said. "We'll have our picnic here."
"Purr!" said Wilbur. He loved picnics.
PLOP! The rocket landed. All was quiet and peaceful. But there were funny little holes everywhere. Wilbur looked down the holes. They seemed to be empty ...
Winnie unpacked the food. There were pumpkin scones, chocolate muffins, some cherries, and cream for Wilbur.




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