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English Audio Request

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Shop assistant : Can I help you ?
Customer : Yes, I am looking for a sweater
Shop assistant : Ok, what type of sweater ?
C : An ungly Christmas sweater !
SA : Great ! What size are you ?
C : I’m small / medium / large / extra large
SA : What colour would you like ?
C : I ‘d like a red one / a green one/ a golden one / …
SA : How about this one ?
C : Yes, but I don’t like snowmen, do you have a reindeer instead ?
SA : A reindeer….mmm…yes, I have got Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer !
C : Can I try it on ?
SA : Yes, the changing rooms are over there.
C : Thank you
SA : How does it fit ?
C : It’s too large ! Do you have a smaller one ?
Sa : Yes, here you are !
C : Thank you. Perfect ! How much is it ?
SA : It’s £35.
C : Do you tale credit cards ?
SA : Yes, we do.
C : Here you are. This reindeer sweater is perfect for my ugly sweater party !
SA : Thank you. have a nice party !
C : Thank you , bye bye.


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