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English Audio Request

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n the 1950S, the US Government’s assimilation policies isolated Native Americans from their communities. Many of them were relocated from their land into urban areas. Orphans were placed into the homes of white families.Chah-tah Gould is one of few1 Ohlone tribal members left.The Ohlone went nearly extinct after generations of slavery and colonization by Spain, Mexico, and the US. “Today, a lot of city Natives grow up in foster care and get into gangs. On reservations, they grow up around their culture. But here, you know, to be cool, you start drinking and smoking, all this other stuff2,” Chah-tah says. “Out here you have to deal with the American-type life: taxes, jobs, everything like that.”Today, many Native Americans live off-reservation, in urban environments. Poverty remains one of the most challenging3 aspects to contemporary urban Indian life. However many centers and programs help them to stay in the Native community and a lot of Natives do know their culture and even the ones who are into gangs, still go to pow wows.


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