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English Audio Request

105 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

say little bit slowly, please and give pause every sentence and long pause in each chapter please.

[chapter 1]
Good morning, mom.
Good morning, dad.
I'm going to Sun Edu school.
Hello teacher! Hello Friend!

I'm home, mom
I'm home, dad
Good night, mom
Good night, dad

Can I do to the bathroom, please?
Can I have some water, please?

Good bye!
See you tomorrow.

[chapter 2]
I am hungry.
Give me some more, please.
I'm full.
Let's clean up.

Thank you.
That's okay.

Are you ready?
Yes, we are.

[chapter 3]
Have a good lunch.
Thank you fir lunch.

Don't cry
Don't fight

Be quiet please
Let's play together

bless you.
thank you

open your book, please
close your book, please



April 3, 2015

I love it!


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