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English Audio Request

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Something you did not want to learn earlier but now you want to

 Interests and hobbies keep changing over time.
 This happened with me too.
 I was a real technophobe.
 I had no interest in learning about computer.
 Even in school I used to run away from this subject.
 Even in school when I had to choose an optional subject I chose Physical
 Few months ago I went to my cousin's house.
 He was sitting in front of the computer and doing voice chatting with his friends abroad.
 I too started chatting.
 I saw that my cousin was very comfortable with the use of computer.
 I felt very bad because I was completely computer illiterate.
 Even my seven year old niece was playing games on the computer and handling the key-board and mouse very nicely.
 She made me feel like a real nut.
 I was ashamed of myself.
 The very next day I joined the computer basics class.
 Seeing my interest in computers my parents bought me a computer of my own.
 Now I have an internet connection also.
 I have my e-mail ID and I send and receive e-mails from my friends.
 I also chat with them.
 It has improved my English also.
 I am a technophile now.
 I feel more confident now.




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