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English Audio Request

300 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Clear diction, please.

1.- Haven't your friends arrived yet?
2.- It hasn't stopped raining yet.
3.- It's still raining.
4.- The Browns are still living in the same house.
5.- Haven't you finished yet?
6.- My daughter is still at University.
7.- Isn't your brother back yet?
8.- We've already finished for today.
9.- He already knew what we wanted.
10.- By this time tomorrow we'll already be in the Canary Islands.
11.- Christopher hasn't finished sending the emails.
12.- She is still writing them.
13.- She has already written them.
14.- Haven't you stopped smoking yet?
15.- Are you still smoking that cigar?
16.- Your brother hasn't got up yet.
17.- Your sister is still in bed.
18.- Ten o'clock in the morning and still in bed!
19.- Eight o'clock in the evening and you're already in bed!
20.- That man is still talking on the phone.
21.- My cousin had an accident and she is still in hospital.
22.- I haven't seen that film yet.
23.- Isn't dinner ready yet?
24.- The apples are not ripe yet.
25.- You've finished already!
26.- Is old Bronson still single?
27.- Isn't my shirt dry yet?
28.- My shirt is dry already!
29.- Our neighbours are still on holiday.
30.- Your brother is still writing the letter.
31.- Haven't you finished writing that letter yet?
32.- They haven't come back yet, have they?
33.- The President is still talking.
34.- The President hasn't finished talking yet.
35.- The President has already finished talking.
36.- Your sister is still at the bank.
37.- He hasn't finished doing the shopping yet.
38.- She has already finished doing the shopping.
39.- She said she was coming, but she still hasn't arrived.
40.- He said he'd phone as soon as he arrived, but he still hasn't phoned.




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