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English Audio Request

370 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thank you!

1. She made after the dog when it stole the meat.
2. They had to make do with a small salary.
3. The ship is making for the coast.
4. He is trying to make out that he is innocent.
5. I can't make out the writing without my glasses.
6. His uncle made the business over to him before he died.
7. Make up the shopping list, will you?
8. He is not punctual, but he makes up for it by working hard.
9. They quarrel a lot, but always make up later.
10. The old man passed away last night
11. When she heard the news she passed out.
12. Do you think it'll pay off to install a bar in the cinema?
13. That boy puts away a lot of food.
14. He put down the revolt.
15. They have put forward plans to build a hospital.
16. He expects to come into a lot of money in his grandfather's will.
17. They put the losses down to the strike.
18. They put off their wedding till the spring.
19. Once he has made up his mind no one can put him off.
20. You are getting fat.
21. What are they putting on at the Astoria?
22. Can you put us up for the night?
23. I can't put up with this noise any longer.
24. They ran away to France and got married in secret.
25. I ran into your sister last night.
26. We ran out of petrol on the way.
27. Let's run over this part again.
28. Will you see me off at the airport?
29. I'll see you out to the car.
30. They set the house alight.
31. They set off for New York.
32. I hope your plans don't fall through.
33. After graduating, he set himself up as a dentist.
34. His wife stood by him at the trial.
35. P.M. stands for post meridiem.
36. He stood up.
37. He stands for Parliament.
38. The aging director stood down in favour of a younger man.
39. The club manager won't stand for rowdy behaviour.
40. He stands out as one of the best brains in the country.




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